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Promo Toolkit


The more CreativeGround is used and shared, the more valuable it is as a tool to bring resources to the New England creative economy. You can be a CreativeGround champion, too! Are you a cultivator of your local creative community? This toolkit is for you to share CreativeGround with your networks within and beyond the creative sector. 

Please email as you discover new ways to share this information or have questions about how to maximize use of the current tools; the CreativeGround team can share these innovations with you and your colleagues to continually enhance how we celebrate the creative economy of New England. 

In this Toolkit:

  • Include CreativeGround Listings on your Website
  • Share CreativeGround in your Communications
  • Connect with CreativeGround on Social Media
  • Get Your Community Involved
  • Collateral and Materials
  • Recommend a Profile for the Spotlight: online and print
  • Support CreativeGround in Having the Best Data

Include CreativeGround Listings on your Website

CreativeGround offers several options to easily display the many artists, cultural institutions, and creative businesses at work in your region. 

Direct Link 

Use the URL from the CreativeGround homepage ( to send folks directly to the directory homepage. Uplift the profiles that matter most to you by linking Search Results filtered for your state or specific communities and networks. These links can be included in newsletters, linked on your website, and shared elsewhere by copying and pasting the URL after you have applied your search filters. You can use the CreativeGround logo to “hide” the link on your website: scroll to "Collateral/Materials" in this toolkit to download logos.

Some ways to share your search results: 

  • By State: select your state from under “Location”. Copy the URL to link to a list of all profiles for your state 
  • By City/Town, County, or Zip code: apply the filters. Copy the URL to a list of profiles for whatever combination of cities, counties, or zip code you selected. 
  • By Roster: use the Search filters to select “Special Designations” and check “State Arts Agency Roster Artist” and select which one(s) you want. Copy the URL to link to your chosen roster(s). 
  • By Designated Arts Community: COMING SOON! Soon you will be able to share a list of profiles by Designated Arts Communities. Encourage your constituents to add this designation to their profile now so you can start using this feature as soon as it goes live in search!

CreativeGround API 

We’d love to have CreativeGround used as a centralized creative economy directory across New England and are excited to be able to offer use of the CreativeGround API (Application Programming Interface) to our trusted partners.  The API allows for integration of real-time profile data directly into your website. 

 You can use the API to integrate any front-facing directory data from CreativeGround into another website’s styling and layout. Your integration would cite CreativeGround as the source of the data, and send users to the “primary” directory to sign in and make any updates to their profiles. 

To learn more, please submit this API Interest Form and contact to request access to the technical documentation for installing the CreativeGround API on another website. CreativeGround staff will work with partners who use the API to understand the parameters of the data sharing, but the technical expertise of the partner’s website developer is required. Use of the API is subject to the site Privacy Policy and API Agreement and will be monitored by NEFA. 


Note this option is not preferred for web accessibility reasons. 

What is an iframe? An iframe (an inline frame), as it pertains to CreativeGround, is HTML code that will create an embedded window on your website that links to and displays specific search results. The size and search results are both customizable to your organization's needs.

Create your custom iframe using the template below and editing the raised fields. The URL should link to Search results; those results should feature only the profiles you want in your iframe. Contact if you need assistance with adjusting this code. 


<iframe name=”NAME” width=”960” height=”800” src="URL for search results”></iframe> 


<iframe name=”Rhode Island Education Roster” width=”960” height=”800” src=“”></iframe>

Share CreativeGround in your Communications

Sharing the stories, relationships, and data of the creative community empowers its people with more knowledge, connection, and resources, which in turn helps all communities thrive.  

Whether included in an email newsletter, as part of an award letter to grantees, or as a reference to your own profile’s portfolio of work, we have plenty of text to help you describe CreativeGround to your community. 

Add CreativeGround to your emails and letters 

You can promote CreativeGround in your email newsletters and communications with constituents, including grantees. There are a variety of resources and materials on the Dig In page to support your engagement with specific audiences (performing artists vs visual artists vs nonprofits, etc.). Visit the About page for detailed language on how CreativeGround’s mission fits into the big picture of a thriving New England. 

Include a brief description of what CreativeGround is and link to the site. Whether someone is part of the creative community, or is invested in its health, we invite everyone to explore and connect! 

Some examples of language you can copy and paste into your messages follow. There are also some pages dedicated to guiding specific kinds of users through CreativeGround. 

Boilerplate Text about CreativeGround

Here is some boilerplate text to get you started. Be sure to link to

CreativeGround is the dynamic regional directory that celebrates and reflects the vital work of artists, creatives, culture bearers, creative organizations, and businesses. It is the place for all to gain insight into the vital and vibrant regional creative ecosystem. 

CreativeGround is creative New England, online. Dig into the dynamic directory that celebrates the region's artists, creatives, culture bearers, arts and culture organizations and creative businesses.

CreativeGround spotlights the rich range of creative people and places at work in the six New England states. This free online directory includes user-generated and maintained profiles for cultural nonprofits like libraries and theaters, creative businesses like recording studios and design agencies, and artists of all disciplines including visual arts, performing arts, crafts, literary arts, media, and more.

Sharing the stories, relationships, and data of the creative community empowers its people with more knowledge, connection, and resources. When creative communities are supported, all communities thrive. Whether you’re part of the creative community or are invested in its health, CreativeGround invites you to explore and connect! 

Create or update your profile to promote you or your organization’s work to a broad range of potential collaborators. Use CreativeGround's image gallery and extensive profile fields to describe your disciplines, activities and services, populations engaged, and more to help users find your profile in specified searches.

Search to find and connect with New England artists, culture bearers, cultural organizations, and creative businesses. Discover the best ways to dig into this free resource and stay tuned for updates on upcoming webinars, workshops, and info sessions

Connect with CreativeGround on Social Media

Connect with the CreativeGround community on social media. Follow our social media pages and tag us in your posts:

InstagramInstagram: @CreativeGround.NEFA 
Twitter: @NEFA_Boston 
Facebook: @NEFA 

Instagram is the only social media account that is exclusively CreativeGround. (though we of course share NEFA activities!)  We’ll be hosting takeovers of this account with CreativeGrounders. Let us know if YOU are interested or if you know a great creative individual or organization that would be a delightful Instagram takeover host by submitting the Spotlight a Profile webform. 

Use these Tags


We regularly use this tag when uplifting exemplary profiles and awesome arts communities represented on the site.


Share your stories of connection and use of CreativeGround to demonstrate how amazing, resilient, and broad the New England creative economy is. 

Get Your Community Involved

NEFA Supports You as a Community Leader

Are you driving your community’s involvement with CreativeGround? We can help! Tell us the specific groups you’re inviting to CreativeGround so the admin team can track activity on our end, avoid duplicating efforts, and be prepared to provide tailored support. 

 The CreativeGround team offers: 

  • Direct one-on-one phone conversation and online demonstration of how CreativeGround works; assistance in starting the process of pulling together a local directory; or investigating other ways CreativeGround can meet your needs 
  • Template emails that can be used to invite organizations and artists to create or update profiles with explicit directions. 
  • Technical support in the form of the CreativeGround staff promptly addressing profiles suggested edits 
  • Technical support via email and phone specifically for individuals who need assistance creating a user account, creating a profile, or updating a profile. 
  • As able, providing an in-person workshop for organizations, artists, and creative businesses directed at demonstrating how to create and update a profile. 

Host a Workshop / Invite Us to Your Events

NEFA staff are always happy to visit your state to do presentations or office hours (one-on-one in-person instruction for users to create or update their profile). We can co-host an independent gathering, or integrate into existing events and do a presentation, office hours, exhibit, or provide materials, such as postcards and handouts. 

If you are aware of events that you or other partner organizations are hosting, let us know! 

CreativeGround is also happy to promote relevant events and partnered efforts in our quarterly e-newsletter, monthly e-blasts, and monthly blogposts. We prioritize the promotion of events that span across our broad range of constituents.  

NOTE: CreativeGround promotes professional development events, open calls and opportunities for the community, and research efforts. CreativeGround does not currently promote performance events or showcases, arts exhibits, etc.

Workshops and Campaigns Menu

Info Session Presentations – Staff give a PowerPoint presentation of general NEFA and New England programs, including Creative Economy. Staff then present a live demo of CreativeGround, highlighting its value as a promotional tool, search engine, and tie-ins with NEFA’s grant programs. Attendees are walked through the front and back end of a profile and given tips for ways to make their profile stand out. Length ranges between 45 minutes and 120 minutes. Pre-event registration strongly encouraged. We prioritize groups of 30-40 people but will not limit a session to this number. Additionally, we are open to (even prefer) to split the meeting time with other agenda items for our host organization so that the meeting attracts a broad audience. 

Office hours – These events offer hands-on individual assistance with creating and updating profiles. Depending on event length, CreativeGround staff may begin with a PowerPoint presentation of a brief history and overview of the site before breaking out into dedicated time for updating profiles. Attendees register in advance to ensure adequate staffing for individual attention. Attendees sign up for a time slot of thirty minutes to an hour. Attendees are reminded to bring materials – such as images or descriptive text – on a flash drive or saved to cloud storage. CreativeGround/NEFA provides laptops, wireless hotspot (if needed), and up to three staff members per five attendees simultaneously for dedicated assistance in navigating user accounts and profiles. Generally, NEFA allows five Office Hour times per workshop day to permit time for set up, clean up, lunch, and a 15-minute reset between time slots. 

Webinars – These online workshops are between 20 and 45 minutes long and focus on a specific feature of or approach to using the site (ex. as a specific kind of artist, etc.). Pre-registration is encouraged. The digital community members in attendance can be in contact with each other and with the CreativeGround host with questions, comments, and feedback. Webinars are recorded and saved for future user reference - a library of these will updated with the new CreativeGround interface over 2022. This live event is less reliant on a community partner or venue host, though CreativeGround is appreciative of cohort outreach and inspirations for webinar topics. 

Panel presentations – members of CreativeGround staff are happy to share knowledge of CreativeGround, the creative economy, and NEFA’s research at relevant convenings. 

Event exhibiting – CreativeGround staff register and table at relevant conferences and events. Staff provide information on CreativeGround as well as NEFA’s other programs, especially programs and grants that require CreativeGround profiles for applicants. Access to electricity is preferred as we like to feature a PC with the CreativeGround sited loaded to engage attendees at the conference to explore the directory. When possible, CreativeGround staff will incorporate live demo(s) of the site throughout the day or at breakout workshop sessions. 

CreativeGround has product-based swag for most live events to promote the platform. 

Instagram (virtual) Campaigns – CreativeGround staff will work with leaders to organize takeovers of the CreativeGround Instagram account to uplift voices from the New England creative community – by geographic location, by discipline, by shared needs (ex. Venue space, professional development, etc.). This is a great platform to engage in transparent back and forth conversation with CreativeGround/NEFA, the creative people and places of New England, and you! 

CreativeGround Blog (virtual) Campaigns – The members of our creative community have expertise to share. The CreativeGround blog is dedicated to community-directed conversations, often written in first-person, that directly uplift the voices of creative New England. CreativeGround staff have some post templates (available upon request) and are receptive to additional ways of using this tool to serve the community.

Collateral and Materials


Download logos for CreativeGround from below by right clicking the image and selecting "open in new tab." Go to the tab, right click the image and click "Save Image As" to download to your device.

CreativeGround logo: teal dots over grey "" with transparent background
Color Logo - Transparent Background
logo of black polka dots over "CreativeGround.Org" with white background
Black logo - white background

For accessibility reasons, please Contact Us if you need a white logo on a transparent background, or a specific file format.

Simple text to use alongside a logo could be:

Dig into CreativeGround! New England’s dynamic free directory of artists, creatives, culture bearers, arts and culture organizations, and creative businesses. > 

Dig Into CreativeGround! Creative New England, online. > 

Dig Into CreativeGround! New England’s dynamic directory that celebrates New England artists, creatives, culture bearers, creative organizations, and businesses > 


The CreativeGround team has PDF handouts for various artist/organization types that list specific ways that CreativeGround can benefit them. In addition to Performing Artists, Visual Artists, Public Artists, Creative Economy (at large), and Native American Artists, we have tailored fliers for Local Cultural Councils, Libraries, Museums, Community Planners, Teaching Artists, and New England Presenters. To obtain copies of these fliers, email

Dig In to Get Inspired

Head over to the Dig In: Get Inspired page to discover specific ways to use your profile and the platform based on how you're involved with the New England Creative Economy. 

We intend to make these printable ASAP in 2022.  

Image courtesy of Jessie Laurita-Spanglet
Get Inspired


Share CreativeGround postcards at events and gatherings or in letters and other communications to your constituents. Contact us with your address and how many you need, and we will mail them to you.

  • Make postcards available at events and workshops 
  • Include in grant award letters and other communications with your network (if applicable) 
  • Mail them to specific organizations or individuals to tell them about CreativeGround 
  • Email to request a postcard PDF file that you can use in digital award letters, etc. 

Customizable Email Templates for Reaching Out to Constituents 

So you want to send an email inviting your mailing list to get listed on CreativeGround and represent your amazing community on the official New England creative directory… where do you start?

Invitation to Join CreativeGround and Create a Profile 

Hello (Name), 

I wanted to let you know about CreativeGround. Dig into the dynamic directory that celebrates New England’s artists, creatives, culture bearers, arts and culture organizations and creative businesses. This free service is a project of the New England Foundation for the Arts. This platform is a great resource for artists, organizations, and creative businesses to promote their work and to connect with potential collaborators.

The official cultural directory for the six New England states, I recommend you create a free user account and build a profile with a description, images, video, and information about who you are and what you do so that you are represented as an important part of the New England creative economy. 

CreativeGround supports the creative community – and anyone invested in its health – to connect with each other, share expertise, collaborate on a project, exchange resources, or even map their local cultural assets and discover new neighbors. The more the site is used and promoted, the better the data reflect the creative ecosystem, making CreativeGround a powerful tool for understanding and strengthening our ever-evolving creative sector. And of course, the directory is searchable by everyone, anywhere – so Get Found on CreativeGround! 

Visit CreativeGround to see examples of robust profiles in the Spotlight carousels on the homepage. Contact NEFA at if you need personalized support in using the site.

See you online!

Invitation to Update Existing CreativeGround Profile(s) 

Hello (Name),

I’m contacting you to let you know that you have a profile on CreativeGround that needs to be updated. As you may know, CreativeGround is the dynamic directory that celebrates New England’s artists, creatives, culture bearers, arts and culture organizations and creative businesses. A free platform, CreativeGround is a project of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

(Name) has a profile on CreativeGround that is unowned, or out of date. 

Embodying “Creative New England, Online,” CreativeGround is a great resource for members of the regional creative economy to promote their work, to connect potential collaborators, and to join conversations about the vital creative work being done. 

As the official arts and cultural directory for the six New England states – I recommend you update the profile with a description, images, video, and information about who you are and what you do so that you are adequately represented as an important part of the New England creative economy. 

You can update this profile by creating a user account and claiming management of your profile. Here are some instructions on how to do this:  

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up to make a user account. 
  3. Once logged in, go to the profile page you would like to manage (in this case: URL). 
  4. Click the yellow “Claim this Profile” button 
  5. Once the CreativeGround team has approved you as profile manager, you will now see your profile listed under the “Manage My Public Profiles” tab of your Dashboard. 
  6. Click “Edit” to the right of the profile to make your updates. 

If you need any assistance creating a user account and managing your profile, contact the CreativeGround team at 

CreativeGround supports the creative community – and anyone invested in its health – to connect with each other, share expertise, collaborate on a project, exchange resources, or even map their local cultural assets and discover new neighbors.  The more the site is used and promoted, the better the data reflect the creative ecosystem, making CreativeGround a powerful tool for understanding and strengthening our ever-evolving creative sector. And of course, the directory is searchable by everyone anywhere, so Get found on CreativeGround!

See you online! 

Recommend a Profile for the Spotlight: online and print

Recognize excellent and exciting work by recommending fabulous profiles to be featured on CreativeGround. You can nominate a profile for the Spotlight via the Spotlight a Profile webform.  

screenshot of the CreativeGround homepage with arrows pointing to the "In the Spotlight Carousel" and "How I Use CreativeGround/Journeys Carousel" of featured profiles on the site
Recommend a profile to be "In the Spotlight" on the homepage and inspire others with how you use CreativeGround!

We strongly recommend featured profiles have a profile score of 20+ (to be an example to others). See the Profile Tips page for a simple checklist that can bring any profile to a top score (i.e. robustness). Share this page with the owners of any profiles that you want to nominate that need to do a little work before they’re ready for the spotlight. 

CreativeGround spotlights robust profiles in many ways: 

  • “In the Spotlight” carousel on the CreativeGround homepage 
  • “How I use CreativeGround” carousel on the homepage 
    • Which is tied with Journeys on the About page 
  • In the content of the CreativeGround newsletter and monthly eblasts 
  • Writing or participating in CreativeGround blogposts 
    • On BOTH and the *new* CreativeGround blog
    • As the blogs are more in depth, here is an example of the series “On the CreativeGround with... Michael Sakamoto"
  • On NEFA and CreativeGround’s social media 
  • In NEFA program eblasts and newsletters and print materials 

Get inspired. Nominate profiles from... 

  • Your list of grant recipients 
  • NEST-eligible CreativeGround profiles (these profiles must meet certain completion requirements to be considered for NEST eligibility) 
  • Your State Arts Agency roster artists 
  • Your project partners or collaborators 
  • Your Designated Arts Community members 
  • Sort your Searches by profile score to easily find profiles that best meet the Profile Score recommendations. 

Support CreativeGround in Having the Best Data

Promote usage of the site with this toolkit 

  • Encourage your network to create, update, or claim existing profiles 

Review the profiles in your area regularly 

  • Flag information on profiles that is out of date. For example, let us know that an artist that has passed away or a business has shuttered its doors by clicking on the “Suggest an Edit” button on the profile. Leave a note on how you know this information. CreativeGround staff will review this information and mark the profile as inactive. 

Review your Approval Queues regularly 

Designated Arts Communities and Creative Zones 

We’re piloting an effort to let members of designated arts communities and creative zones share their affiliation on CreativeGround. Community or zone leaders (and all CreativeGround users) could then sort profiles by zone. If you want to add designated communities to the existing list, contact us.