Nominate a robust CreativeGround profile (yours or someone else's) to be featured by NEFA. Please select from the list below of options of how a profile might be featured on the site, and/or in CreativeGround promotional materials (print, social media, email, etc.).

It is required that the profile includes the following at the time of nomination:

  • A profile image
  • At least 3 pieces of media in the Image and Video Gallery
  • A description of work and background
  • At least 3 connections in the I Have Worked With section (ideally within the past 5 years)

Highly recommended:

  • Complete lists of Primary and Additional Disciplines, Activities and Services, Populations Served, Accessibility
  • Completed sections for Teaching Artist, Touring Artist, and/or Venue (if applicable to this profile)

Need examples? Check out some of the current Featured Profiles on the homepage and About page for inspiration.

Please provide additional information about your interest (e.g. blogpost topic, social media takeover topic, skillset as a future Community Cultivator)