Looking for More Ways to Dig In to CreativeGround? Check Out These Ideas!

A profile that stands out in Search results has:

  1. Profile Image: Use an image that represents who you are and what you do. If you're an artist, upload an example of your work. If you're an organization, upload an image of programs in action. Avoid using logos or headshots.
  2. Contact information: All required fields as well as website and social media links if possible
  3. About description: Be sure to include keywords that you think someone might use to search for an individual or organization who does what you do
  4. If your organization is a nonprofit, include your organization's Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  5. If a cultural nonprofit or creative business, date founded
  6. At least one (1) Additional Discipline
  7. At least one (1) Activity and Service
  8. At least one (1) Population Served
  9. At least one (1) Geographic Reach
  10. At least three (3) pieces of media in the Image and Video Gallery
  11. At least three (3) I Have Worked With listings with relationship description
  12. If applicable, list awards or other accomplishments in Affiliations and Accomplishments
  13. If a cultural nonprofit or creative business, at least one (1) Accessibility of Services option if applicable
  14. If a Touring Artist, complete information
  15. If a Native Artist, complete information
  16. If a Teaching Artist, complete information
  17. If an organization with rentable venue, complete venue information including all required fields and at least one (1) venue feature

Want to be a featured profile on CreativeGround? Update your profile and then contact us to let us know at creativeground@nefa.org! Here are some more suggestions on how to create an exceptional profile: