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New Site Feature! Search by Designated Arts Communities

Posted 12/13/2023

An exciting new feature is now available for the arts community across our network! Profiles are now searchable by Designated Arts Communities on CreativeGround allowing you to easily filter your searches to find profiles that are part of Massachusetts Cultural Districts, Connecticut Cultural Districts, Connecticut Arts Service Regions, Vermont Creative Zones, and New England-wide regional cohorts. 

This feature also provides a more flexible way for CreativeGround partners to identify relevant groupings of profiles. This opens up new opportunities for API partners who want to display a list of profiles on their website as their directory for their cultural district, zone, or other designated community that isn’t defined by any of our existing profiles.  

How to Use the New Field

Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s a deeper dive into how the search works:  

  1. Go to  

  1. Open the Special Designations filter section 

  1. You’ll see the NEW options to filter by specific cultural districts and zones.  

  1. Once filters are applied, you can copy/paste the URL of the page to share the pre-filtered list of profiles in a certain designated arts community  

Click here for an example! 


If you are part of one of these arts communities, we recommend adding the designation to your profile so you can be found. Here’s how:  

  1. Log in and go to your Dashboard > Manage My Public Profiles >Edit 

  1. Go to the Affiliations and Accomplishments profile section 

  1. Scroll down to the “Special Designations” section

  1. Expand the different sections under Special Designations to see all the options and select any communities that you are part of 

  1. Click “Update Profile” in the bottom right to save your changes. 


For more information or assistance adding this new feature to your profile, sign up for a virtual support session.  

Designated Arts Community Profiles

We’re spotlighting some of our good looking profiles who have a Designated Arts Community listed  to show you how people are already using the field! 

If there are specific DACs (like a new cultural district) that we are missing on our list, please let us know so we can add it, and so you can add it to your profile! Email to let us know. Happy searching!