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CreativeGround is a real-time online community that reflects the rich range of creative people and places at work in the six New England states in order to promote and connect them with each other and with those who know that vibrant neighborhoods go hand-in-hand with a vibrant creative sector.

A product of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), this free online directory includes profiles for cultural nonprofits like libraries and theaters, creative businesses like recording studios and design agencies, and artists of all disciplines such as performing arts, visual arts, and crafts.

  • Promote yourself or your New England enterprise's activities, connections, and services to a broad audience of arts and non-arts individuals in New England and beyond. Get listed with a public profile. 
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The more it's used and promoted, the better CreativeGround illustrates the vital creative work occurring in New England communities and informs state and regional decisions about how to support and strengthen those doing that work. CreativeGround enables NEFA to continue compiling important data to add to its 40 years of research quantifying and demonstrating the impact of the New England creative economy. See past creative economy reports here.

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Having a detailed and visually appealing profile on CreativeGround allows you to promote yourself or your organization to a broad audience of arts and non-arts organizations and individuals both within and outside of New England looking for collaborators, commissions, performers, grant recipients, and more. CreativeGround is not only New England’s cultural directory, but is also the cultural directory for Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

You and your organization are an integral part of the creative economy in New England – creating a profile enables CreativeGround to demonstrate in real-time the characteristics of the region's art organizations and individuals and the important connections between them. CreativeGround is also the raw database of entities that is analyzed when NEFA commissions studies that quantify the impact of the regional creative economy for those who fund and advocate for it.

The directory is regularly promoted at conferences, information sessions, and through print and digital mailings by the NEFA and our state arts agency partners. You too can help us get the word out about CreativeGround by getting involved.

Click on the link that best describes who you are to learn more about how you can create a profile and use CreativeGround to promote yourself and connect with others in the creative economy.

  • Cultural Nonprofit: Includes both federally registered independent organizations such as historical societies and art centers and volunteer run organizations that are not federally registered (unincorporated.) Also includes nonprofits that are embedded in private or public non-cultural agencies such as arts departments at universities, cultural councils that are a branch of the local government, or libraries owned by a town; and those embedded in private or public cultural agencies such as museums owned by a historical society or galleries within a government arts council.
  • Artist: Includes individual artists and artist groups of all disciplines such as dance, theater, painting, music, literature, photography, design, basket making, videography, and puppetry. Here are some tips and tricks for just some of the types of artists on CreativeGround.
  • Creative Business: Includes businesses such as advertising agencies, architecture firms, recording studios and cinemas

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From city planners and government officials to public artists and arts administrators, anyone can search through the 30,000 profiles on CreativeGround. Take a look yourself to find potential collaborators for program development and cross promotion, performers for booking, venues for events or rehearsals, and more by using the enhanced search options on the Search page. Narrow your search by discipline, activities and services, population served, accessibility features, and state, among many other options. Use the Explore page to browse the full directory and quantify the creative economy in a single town for use in your community’s creative economy advocacy initiatives.

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Watch How-To Videos (recordings of CreativeGround webinars) to learn more about how to use it to promote yourself or your organization, find others for potential collaborations, and how to explore your creative community. Also, visit the FAQ page for answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us at CreativeGround@nefa.org.


A project of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), CreativeGround is brought to you through ongoing partnerships with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, the Maine Arts Commission, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and the Vermont Arts Council.