Performing Artists

Performing artists are individuals or groups engaging in disciplines such as dance, music, storytelling, theater, spoken word, or puppetry. CreativeGround is a free tool for all New England performing artists to do the following:

  • Promote your work to arts organizations, educators, and presenters by creating a detailed profile with photos and videos
  • Increase your visibility by becoming a New England States Touring (NEST) eligible artist. Potential presenters may be more likely to book an artist knowing that funding assistance is available from NEFA's New England States Touring (NEST) program (see more information below)
  • Find potential collaborators such as other artists, community organizations, and creative businesses like recording studios
  • Locate venues to rent for performances or rehearsals
  • Show that you are on a State Arts Agency Roster and be found by users searching for vetted teaching artists
  • Get counted as a member of your local creative community for regional research and advocacy

Ready to get listed?

Great! Follow these instructions to get started.

Tips and Tricks

  • There's no better way to show off what you do than images and videos. Use an eye-catching photo for your profile image and take advantage of the 'Image and Video Gallery' and add up to 10 examples of your work
  • As a performing artist, it's important for you to list past performances and collaborations. Use the 'I Have Worked With' section to fill out this information
  • Think about what specific keywords someone might use to search for you or your group and include those keywords in your 'Description of Work and Background'
  • Do you offer workshops, classes, or residencies? Be sure to fill out the 'Teaching Artist Information' section of the profile to provide information about your fees, curriculum areas, grades served, and more
  • If you're an artist who tours, take the time to fill out the 'Touring Artist Information' section and list your technical requirements, fees, and other important information
  • For more information about how to create a robust and visually appealing profile, click here
  • Watch the recording of the CreativeGround webinar that will show you how to create a profile, search for presenters, and promote yourself to a wide audience.

NEST Eligibility

If you're a performing artist who tours, you may be eligible to be a NEST artist. CreativeGround houses the directory of all artists who may be chosen by NEST applicants for funding through the New England States Touring Program. Therefore, all artists who wish to qualify for NEST funding must maintain an artist profile on CreativeGround. Follow these step-by-step instructions or watch this video tutorial. For any questions about the NEST eligibility process, email

Watch other recorded webinars about how to use CreativeGround on the Resources Page.

See some examples of some great CreativeGround profiles:

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Rhode Island

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or email