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Inspiration for Your CreativeGround Journey

The New England Creative Economy Network is incredibly diverse and covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, institution/business types, activities and services, and more. We've created specific pages that will help you use the site, depending on what type of entity you are.

How to use CreativeGround as...

Creative Core

  • Create and update free public profiles that visually represent the creative work, activities, and services offered
  • Demonstrate the vibrancy and connection of the New England creative economy by listing who you work with, professional accomplishments, and communities engaged 
  • Find and connect with other collaborators and resources through the platform
  • Share your stories – contribute directly to the data from the ground up


Get tips on how to best use CreativeGround as a tool for visibility, connection, and knowledge building. We have specialized Search and Profile tips for various types of Artists / Creatives.

Creative Businesses

Get tips on how best to use CreativeGround as a Creative Business. We have specialized tips for connecting with potential creative partners.

Creative Organizations

Get tips on how best to use CreativeGround as a Cultural Organization (including nonprofits and embedded orgs)

Local Leaders

Community leaders use CreativeGround to learn about and connect with the creative core. You share the resource, which helps incentivize participation, which allows CreativeGround to be more representative of the creative work – and workers – in their communities, and ultimately increase the investment in the creative core.

  • Identify artists and resources in CreativeGround for grants and other opportunities
  • Increase your network and bring resources and visibility to your creative community 
  • Promote CreativeGround by sharing communications and hosting meetings/events

Get tips on how to use CreativeGround as a Local Leader>

Data Partners

Local, community, and national partner organizations help connect your region’s artists/creatives to a wider network and help maintain the accuracy of data on CreativeGround.

  • Use the established infrastructure of CreativeGround as the container for mapping your local creative assets
  • Review the data and help to keep it accurate and updated 
  • Share the data for advocacy and to benefit the creative community
  • Integrate the data into your websites, grant decisions, research analysis, and program design

Everyone, Anywhere

Anyone can search CreativeGround to easily get connected to our region’s creative community – explore the artists and creatives that make all communities in the region thrive! Non-arts organizations and individuals both within and outside of New England - you look to CreativeGround to find collaborators, commissions, performers, grant recipients, and more. Head over to our FAQ for general questions.