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Getting Started: Update or Create a Profile

How to update or create a profile:

Step 1: Go to (right click and open in a new tab so that you can keep these instructions open in this tab.)
Step 2: Click Get Listed button on top right of page.
Step 3: Log in or create a free user account

Do you have a user account?

  • Yes, I do have a user account:  Log in with your email address. Note that your email address will be the same one you used on previous versions of the CreativeGround platform.
    • Click <Forgot Password?> to get an email with a link to reset your password if needed.
  • No, I do not have a user account:  Create a new user account by clicking <Sign Up>. Proceed to Step 5.
  • I don’t know:  Check to see if we have a user account registered with your email by clicking <Forgot Password?> The system will tell you if your email is recognized.
    • If not, follow the instructions above for 'No, I do not have a user account' above.
    • If your email is recognized, you will receive the email instructions to reset your password.

Step 4: Once logged in, any public profiles you manage will be listed on your Dashboard. Click on the <EDIT> link to the right of the profile name to start updating it. Proceed to Step 6

Step 5:  If you don’t see any public profiles listed on your Dashboard and are ready to create one, first answer this question:

Does a public profile for you or your organization already exist in CreativeGround? <Search> to find out.

  • Yes, I found an existing profile.  View the profile and click the yellow button that reads <Claim this Profile>. Once an admin verifies your affiliation with the profile, you will be notified. From your dashboard, the profile will be listed under Manage My Public Profiles, and you will have the option to Edit the profile from that screen.
  • No, I didn’t find an existing profile. From your dashboard, click on <Create a New Public Profile>

Step 6: When creating or updating a profile, complete as many of the fields and options as possible. The more complete your information, the more powerful CreativeGround is as a tool to promote your work.

Visit the Dig In page to learn more about how to create a robust and visually appealing profile, discover the specific ways to use it to promote who you are and what you do, find others for potential collaborations, and explore your creative community.