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Dig In As: Artists/Creatives

Pro Tips for Performing Artists


  • Discover and contact organizations that hire performers like Arts Centers, Fairs/Festivals, and Cultural Series Organizations
  • Find Venues for rent/use for rehearsals or performances
Aretha wears a glittering kimono and dramatic makeup as she moves and sings onstage
Image Courtesy of Aretha Aoki (ME), Photo by Nikki Lee


  • Institution/Business Type: Artist/Creative (Individual) or Performing Group
  • Media: Upload images and videos of you in action (not a head shot). Put other links in Additional Content,such as sound recordings, publications, and crowdfunding campaigns
  • List past performances and collaborations in I Have Worked With. 
  • If you're a performer who tours, fill out the Touring Artist section and list your technical requirements, fees, and other important information  
  • Increase your visibility by becoming a New England States Touring (NEST) eligible artist. Potential presenters may be more likely to book an artist knowing that funding assistance is available from NEFA's NEST program. 
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Pro Tips for Visual Artists

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Pro Tips for Artists Who Do Public Art Projects

Public art is as varied and diverse as the artists who create it and the communities that engage with it. A public art project is often a place-specific experience that is accessible to the public and created by professional artist(s) in collaboration with a community.


  • Discover and contact organizations like Government Offices, Community Services Organizations, and Historical Sites
  • Find potential collaborators like fabricators, curators, and makerspaces


a colorful mural outside of a public transit station
Image courtesy of Silvia Lopez Chavez (MA)
  • Media: use images of your work as your main Profile image and in the Media Gallery; add a watermark to protect your intellectual property online
  • Use the Additional Content section to point your Profile viewers to more media hosted online, such as digital publications or crowdfunding campaigns
  • Select the Activity/Service of 'Public Art Projects' to be found by organizations commissioning and funding public art projects, such as NEFA's Public Art grants program
  • List connections with community organizations in I Have Worked With, regardless of whether they are a creative entity and / or based in the region; describe how you create and implement projects in public spaces   
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Pro Tips for Literary Artists

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Pro Tips for Teaching Artists

Teaching artist crouching down next to child looking at buckets of paint and brushes
Image courtesy of Jean Cherouny (VT)


  • Discover and contact organizations that hire teaching artists, like Cultural Series Organizations, School Committees, and Arts Centers
  • Find Venues for Rent/Use for rehearsals or workshops


  • Upload an eye-catching photo of yourself in action for your Profile Image and take advantage of the Media Gallery to add up to nine more images or videos of you teaching
  • Select the Institution/Business Type of “Artist/Creative Individual”, even if you primarily teach/train – not School of the Arts or Artist Studio
  • Use the Additional Content section to link to more media hosted online, such as sound recordings, publications, and crowdfunding campaigns 
  • Select teaching/training Activities & Services to be found by schools and organizations looking to engage artists of all disciplines in residencies, curriculum development, arts integration initiatives, and workshops
  • List the places you have taught in I Have Worked With so user can learn about your professional experience
  • Fill out the Teaching Artist section of the Profile to provide information about your fees, curriculum areas, grades served, and other important details for hiring
  • Show that you are on a State Arts Agency Artist Roster for teachers if applicable
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Pro Tips for Native American Artists


  • Discover and contact organizations like Galleries, Museums, and Guilds/Professional Associations
  • Find potential collaborators like fabricators, curators, and artist markets


an intricately carved Abenaki-style gourd
Image Courtesy of Jeanne Morningstar Kent (Coosuk Abenaki, CT)
  • Use the Description of your Work to identify yourself as a Native American Artist, or share whatever you feel comfortable with in regards to your identity. 
  • Do you preserve the art, crafts, traditions, or knowledge of a specific cultural community? Be sure to include Cultural Preservation as an Activity/Service if appropriate. 
  • Do you show your work at an artist marketplace? Select Artist Market as an Activity/Service if appropriate.  
  • Submit your Profile for the I am a Native American Artist Designation 
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