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Activities and Services Definitions

Artistic/Creative Activities 

  • Art Conservation: preserve art and objects of cultural heritage through Examination, Documentation, Treatment, and Prevention 
  • Arts Criticism / Journalism: write and publish analysis and evaluation of works of art 
  • Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism:Creative Activism: make and/or disseminate creative work that addresses, depicts, or reflects a particular social problem or issue. Arts for Social Change: engage in work that aims to produce a qualitative shift in society's attitudes, policies, and laws with regard to particular values (equality, justice, diversity, tolerance) and issues (immigration, climate change, gun violence, racial or economic justice). 
  • Arts and Health: create or administer arts programming aimed to transform the health and healthcare experience. Arts and Health activities are not limited to healthcare settings and institutions, and may take place in a variety of community settings.
  • Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions): make an original piece of art in any medium. 
  • Cultural Preservation: preserve the art, crafts, traditions, or knowledge of a specific cultural community
  • Design Services: create designs for graphics, objects, interiors, games, landscapes, etc. 
  • Manufacturing / Fabrication: implement designs in the real-life production of an object, set, building, etc. 
  • Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces): create site-specific experiences accessible to the public in collaboration with a community. 
  • Publishing: edit, create, market written and recorded material and software. 
  • Writing Services: provide original written content or edit written content for various uses.

Public Activities 

  • Art Sales: sell the artwork created by yourself or another artist 
  • Artist Market: organize or host an artist market event OR show your work at an artist marketplace. 
  • Community Arts: organize or create art that engages a specific community in dialogue around topics relevant to that particular community. 
  • Exhibitions: display artwork at a large public showing. 
  • Film Showings: share films at public events. 
  • Performance / Concert / Reading: offer a (public or private) showing of art of any discipline. 
  • Professional Network Gatherings / Events: organize events for creative professionals. 
  • Residency - Community: host or be hosted to work with different populations in a community for an extended period of time (2 days or more).
  • Virtual Events: present online performances and community engagement activities 
  • Wedding / Parties / Private Gatherings: perform at personal events. 

Professional Services 

  • Artist Representation / Artist Management: work on behalf of an artist to represent, promote, and sell their work. 
  • Consulting - Curatorial Services: advise on ways in which artworks and creative activity can be interpreted through exhibitions, publications, events, and presentations 
  • Consulting - Organizational Capacity: advise creative enterprises on business processes and functions 
  • Marketing Services: do market research, advertising, promotion, and public relations 
  • Portfolio Review: offer creatives and arts organizations feedback on their portfolio of work. 
  • Product Development Services: plan, design, prototype, test, and refine a product for public use. 
  • Professional Development / Training: provide workshops or classes to creative professionals. 
  • Public Relations Services: develop and deliver media communications strategies. 
  • Social Media Services: develop and deliver marketing strategies for social media platforms. 

Teaching/Training Activities 

  • Arts Instruction / Lessons: teach artistic/creative skills. 
  • Cultural Education: teach/educate about a specific culture/cultural heritage
  • Curriculum Development: design teaching plans and materials. 
  • Residency - In School: teach or host a teaching artist for an extended period of time (2 days or more) in an educational setting.
  • Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class

Technical Activities 

  • Audio or Video Recording: create media files of artistic work 
  • Broadcast production: create television, radio, and digital media for public broadcast. 
  • Film Preproduction / Production / Editing Services: create and edit motion pictures 
  • Residency - Production / Development: host or be hosted for extended time to access technical facilities and staff and gain significant artistic, directorial, and/or dramaturgical input.
  • Theater technical production: provide technical services for stage productions such as scenery, lighting, props, costumes, and sound. 

Support Services

  • Fiscal Sponsorship: offer formalized support to a group, individual, or project that is not tax exempt. This may include receiving and administering charitable contributions on behalf of the sponsored group or individual and providing other administrative infrastructure. Note this activity should only be selected if the profile offers — not receives — fiscal sponsorship.
  • Funding: provide grants or other financial backing for creative projects 
  • Residency - Other 
  • Venue Rental: provide temporary use of a physical space. 


The list of Activities and Services on CreativeGround is far from exhaustive. Please contact us if you have suggestions, and especially if you feel that the current offerings do not accurately reflect the creative work you do.