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Adding State Arts Agency Roster Designation


State Arts Agencies (SAAs) that have artists rosters for their state can show the members of these rosters on CreativeGround. Artists who are on a specified roster can indicate this designation on their profile under the "Artists Only" section.

When an artist selects "This profile is for an artist on a roster hosted by one of the New England State Arts Agencies" on their CreativeGround profile, it is used to request a special profile designation indicating that the artist has already been vetted by an SAA and maintains good standing on that SAA's roster. It does not submit a request for inclusion in the respective SAA's roster. Each SAA roster has assigned staff that vet the queue(s) of the profiles that select the CreativeGround special designation for their profile. Below are the steps for these SAA representatives to take when reviewing artist profiles that request the roster designation. 

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In this Toolkit:

  • Process for SAA Representative(s)
  • Process for the Roster Artist
  • FAQ: How do I remove an SAA roster designation from a profile?
  • FAQ: How do I show my roster on my website?

Process for SAA Representative

The artist/owner of the profile submits a request for the for the SAA roster designation by following the process listed under the following section, Process for Artist. Once they have submitted the request, you, as the SAA representative, will receive an email prompting you to log into your CreativeGround account to approve the requested designation in your State Roster approval queue. 

Follow the steps below to approve or deny CreativeGround artist profile requests for your roster designation: 

  1. Go to and sign into CreativeGround with your special partner login.
  2. You will land on the 'My Dashboard' page.
  3. Click 'Access my Approval Queues and Reports' from the menu on the left side of your user Dashboard.
  4. You will then be prompted to log in again to access your Partner Portal Dashboard. Use the same username and password that you use to log into CreativeGround.  
  5. Underneath the 'State Roster Approval Queues' heading, CLICK  the roster queue you want to review.
  6. If a profile is pending review for that roster, it will appear in this queue for you to Approve or Deny. 
  7. Click the Approve/Deny button beneath their profile in the queue. A window will appear where you can approve or deny their request. 
  8. Once approved, their profile will show the roster designation under their "Artist Info" section on CreativeGround. 

NOTE that the approval queue will default to show any profiles pending review. However, you can also use the Approval Status filter at the top of the page to see a queue of previously Approved or Denied profiles. (See below for how to remove a roster designation from Approved profiles). 

As you reach out to your constituents to add the SAA Roster designation to their profile, you will want to reiterate that, especially as an SAA roster artist, their CreativeGround profile should serve as an example to other users and potential users by having completed information fields, pictures and videos of their artwork, and a detailed description of their work and mission. You can use the email template below to outline the artist's steps for adding their profile to your roster approval queue, and customize it to include your specific requirements for what you consider when approving a profile to show your roster designation.

Process for the Roster Artist

SAA representatives can use the following information to provide guidance and support to their roster members on using CreativeGround.

The artist process for adding the roster affiliation to their profile is relatively straightforward; however, if they are new to CreativeGround, they may need a bit more information to create a detailed profile. It is good to include a brief description of what CreativeGround is and what it can do for them, as well as provide suggestions for what a robust profile should include. Instructions for your roster artists are in the email template below.

Email Template to Roster Artists

Here is an email template that you may edit and distribute to artists on your roster about adding the affiliation to their profile. Fields you will have to edit are highlighted.

Dear (Artist),

Welcome to CreativeGround, your all-inclusive directory of New England artists/creatives, cultural organizations, and creative businesses! The directory is a project of the New England Foundation for the Arts in partnership with relevant state arts agency and is searchable by anyone on the web. By filling out fields in your CreativeGround profile describing your activities and services, professional disciplines, population engaged, and more - your profile will be more likely to show up in search results.

To access your [Profile Link] profile and update it with your designation as a member of the relevant SAA Roster:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account. Your CreativeGround username is [artist email address].
  3. You will see your profile listed on your 'My Dashboard' page. Click ’MANAGE MY PUBLIC PROFILES’ in the menu on the left to edit your public profile.
  4. Click “Edit” beside the profile you’d like to submit for your roster designation.
  5. Navigate to the ‘ARTISTS ONLY’ section of your profile.
  6. In the ‘State Arts Agency Rosters’ section: Check the box for “This profile is for an artist on a roster hosted by one of the New England State Arts Agencies” 
  7. Check the box for "relevant SAA Roster"
  8. In the bottom right corner, click the teal “UPDATE PROFILE” button to save changes and submit your request. 
  9. Your request will go to the appropriate SAA moderator for approval. Once approved, your roster designation will appear publicly on your CreativeGround profile under ‘Artist Info’.  

We also encourage you to maximize your profile's reach by following these suggestions and adding some dynamic features. For instance, you can:

  • Upload photos and share videos in the media gallery
  • Link to profiles of other New England artists and creative enterprises you have worked with in the "I Have Worked With" sidebar
  • Highlight awards and accomplishments
  • List your professional disciplines and activities/services

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Your SAA Rep

Feel free to also provide them with the CreativeGround email for further questions:

FAQ: How do I remove an SAA roster designation from a profile?

To REMOVE a roster designation from a CreativeGround profile:

  1. Go to your roster Approval Queue (follow steps 1-6 under Process for SAA Representative above).
  2. At the top of the queue, select “Approved” in the APPROVAL STATUS filter and click ‘Apply’. You will now see a list of all profiles that currently have the roster designation.
  3. Click the ‘Approve/Deny’ button beneath the profile in the queue. 
  4. In the review window, click ‘DENY’. This profile’s roster designation will be removed and they will no longer show the designation for that roster on their CreativeGround profile. 

Tip: you can search for a specific profile in the 'Profile Name’ box at the top of the Approval Queue. 

NOTE that even if denied, a profile will always be able to re-submit their profile for the special designation in CreativeGround and be approved for the designation again if needed. 

FAQ: How do I show my roster on my website?

Check out the Promo Toolkit for options to Include CreativeGround Listings on your Website (including info on using the API).