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Get (Re)Started with your Existing CreativeGround Profile in 3 Steps

Welcome to the NEW CreativeGround! 

CreativeGround community, we are excited to welcome you to the newest version of! If you already managed a public profile on the previous version of CreativeGround, we are especially delighted to bring you a smoother, improved experience editing your profile, as well as a beautiful, updated profile design to showcase your creative activities.

Get Re-Started in 1-2-3

  1. Log In - Use the same username and password you have always used to log in to CreativeGround. 

  1. Explore your Dashboard – upon logging in, you will now be directed to your Dashboard. This is your home base where you can access any public profiles you own or manage, change your account settings, and create new profiles. You will see any profiles you own or manage appear under “Manage My Public Profiles.”  

  1. Update your Public Profile(s) -- The first time you log in to the updated CreativeGround, take a moment to update your public profile(s). Know that you may need to fill out some new or additional fields on your profile the first time you save updates on the new site.   

  • To update your profile(s): On the left side of your Dashboard, click “Manage My Public Profiles.” Any profiles you own or manage in CreativeGround will appear here. Click Edit beside the profile to update it. 

View of where to manage and update public profiles on the Dashboard

  • Note that you can now navigate easily between sections of your profile while editing by using the sidebar on the left: 


Screenshot of the profile navigation sidebar

As You Update

  • Your profile updates will save and publish automatically as you navigate between sections. You’ll be warned before your edits are published.

Screenshot of a popup that will warn you to save before moving to the next section of your profile

  • Be sure to click “Update Profile” frequently to save your work within a section. 

Screenshot shows the Update Profile button

  • After you save, you can follow the “View Profile” link to see how great your profile looks! 

Screenshot of save success message showing a link to view profile


Give special attention to these key sections on your profile to get it ready for its new debut

  • Basic Information - Contact Information: Check that the information listed for your Internal Contact and Public Contact are current and correct. 
    • Tip: Your public contact email is where you’ll receive messages from CreativeGround users who want to get in touch! Be sure this is an email you check regularly.  
  • Basic Information - Description of Work: Edit your Description of Work and Background, adding any updated or recent information.  
    • Tip: Keep this field detailed but brief (required between 50-2500 characters). A short, specific description of work will best help users find your profile when searching CreativeGround.  
    • Tech Tip: If you notice any odd formatting in this section when you log in the first time, simply saving your profile will do the trick. 
  • Media: Add or update your Primary Profile Image representing your creative work; and add additional images and videos to your gallery showing recent work.   
    • Tip: You can edit the media and profile picture already on your profile to adjust how they will appear in the circular image previews. Click the “edit” pencil beside the image and follow the instructions to frame your images nicely for preview. (Full size images will still show when users click into your media gallery). Make sure everything looks good by viewing your media gallery after you finish editing.  
    • Tip: Alt Text and Photo Credit are now required fields to be completed for all media items.  We know you’ll agree that a bit of extra effort is worth it to make your media accessible for all users and to show that all artists (including photographers) should be credited for their work!  Be sure these are all completed on any existing media you have on your profile before saving.  
    • Tip: Check your profile for any links that may be broken or outdated. After you update your profile, test that your video links and any additional linked content you have added in this section (like websites and social media) are working when clicked. 

Screenshot of the profile media fields showing Alt Text and Photo Credit are required


  • Artists Only: If your profile is for an artist/artist group, go to the “Artists Only” section to check if there are any special designations that apply to your profile (such as Teaching Artist, Touring Artist, Native American Artist). 
    • Tip: This section is also where you can indicate if you are on your State Arts Agency's artist roster(s). 

Screenshot shows Artist's Only section of profile


What Else is New?  

  • Profile Status: Taking a break or no longer active? You can now select whether your profile is Active, On Hiatus, or Out of Business.  

Screenshot showing that you can select Active, On Hiatus, or Out of Business status for a profile

  • Designated Arts Communities: Profiles can now select from a list to indicate that they belong to one of several Designated Arts Communities in the “Affiliations and Accomplishments” section. Learn more about Designated Arts Communities. 

Screenshot showing where to select a designated arts community

Screenshot showing where to select IB type

Screenshot shows where to profile score is visible on the user dasboard

  • It’s easier to edit profile managers: Have multiple staff at your organization who need to edit your CreativeGround profile? It’s easy to add them as Profile Managers through your Dashboard. Now is a perfect chance to check that your Profile Manager list is up to date. Click “Profile Managers” beside the profile name in your Dashboard to view, add, and delete managers from your profile.  

Screenshot of where to click into the profile manager window

Screenshot showing where to add and remove profile managers

Stay In Touch

As a CreativeGround profile owner, be sure you are signed up for CreativeGround email updates! In your Dashboard, click into Account Settings and check the box “I would like to receive email updates about CreativeGround” to stay up to date and get the most out of your CreativeGround experience. 


Screenshot of the account settings dashboard showing checkbox to opt in to email communication


Have questions or need help? Our team is here for you as we make this transition to the new CreativeGround! Read our FAQ page, Contact Us, or schedule an office hour with a CreativeGround team member for one-on-one profile support.