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Summer Spotlight Six

Six CreativeGround Profiles We Love: June 2024

Shining Summer Sun on This Season's Spotlight Six

Posted 6/17/2024

At CreativeGround, we are always on the lookout for reasons to celebrate and spotlight the folks behind each profile, and as we enter a summer season of creative events and gatherings, we highlight six profiles that are contributing to New England’s diverse creative economy.

Read through to see how these profiles use CreativeGround to share their creative activities and services, connect with and build their networks, and help bring resources to artists and arts organizations who may not already have access to their services.

SPACE Gallery

 Shape of ME Based in Portland, ME

SPACE is a nonprofit contemporary art center featuring visual arts, live music and performance, film, lectures, and community events that supports contemporary arts projects, champions artists, and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Grounded in the belief that vital communities are activated by experimentation, conversation, and camaraderie, SPACE engages a wide audience with provocative arts programming and category-defying events.

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Julia Csekö

 Shape of MA Based in Somerville, MA

Born in Colorado to Brazilian parents on self-exile during the Brazilian military dictatorship Julia Ceskö is an artist and a Cultural Sector Arts Advocate within her communities in North America. She is a current Artist-in-Residence at the Boston Center for the Arts and the City of Salem Public Artist in Residence. As well as public commissions, her work is held in collections such as Tufts Permanent Collection, Emerson College, MAM Rio, Morris and Belkin Gallery, CC São Paulo, and private collections. In 2025 Csekö is invited to return to MassMoCA as an A4A Alumni AiR.

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Susan Beere

 Shape of NH Based in Warner, NH

Susan Beere is an artist whose work is made up mostly of high relief ceramic tile murals intended for hanging on the wall either permanently or framed or mounted for hanging.  During her career, she has completed and installed over 150 large murals in homes, offices and public buildings. She works to create a sense of place in nature imagery that adds serenity and lets people get lost in something beautiful - even for a few moments.

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Silvermoon LaRose

Shape of RI Based in Charlestown, RI

Silvermoon LaRose worked for 12 years in health and human services, and through her work as the assistant director of Tomaquag Museum, she has suppored other Indigenous artists. She recently began exploring and experimenting in art thanks to the encouragement of other artists at Tomaquag. She dabbles in writing, storytelling, beading, finger weaving and other traditional arts, and believes it’s extremely important to continue to learn and share the traditional arts for future generations.

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The Sable Project

Shape of VT Based in Stockbridge, VT

Sable Arts Projects, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship, healthy food, and a forum for the practice, development, creation, and sharing of arts in rural Vermont and beyond. They build from a foundation of collaboration, embodied practice, and environmental awareness to offer participating creatives and audiences new ways of engaging with art, the land, and each other. They explore ways of living simply, interdependently, and creatively on a daily basis. They share work with surrounding communities through bi-weekly public gatherings and an end-of-summer showcase. They aim to inspire by creating inquisitive art and educational experiences for both resident artists and visitors.

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Andre Rochester

 Shape of CT Based in Hartford, CT

Andre Rochester is a Fine Artist from the Greater Hartford region of Connecticut who makes statements for which words are not enough, highlighting underlying emotions connected to his subjects through a combination of portraiture and conceptual works linked by narratives of his own experiences. His art is a tool for healing and a catalyst for connection letting people know they are not alone. Andre has many affiliations as an artist, activist, and coach, including as an inaugural Artist of Color Accelerate Fellow, Leadership Greater Hartford- 2021 Quest Program Alum, Greater Hartford Arts Council 2022 New Voices Fellow, and 2022-23 National Leaders of Color Fellow representing CT in the New England cohort.

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