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Spring Profile Workshops Recap

Posted 7/14/2023

This spring, the CreativeGround team offered a series of webinars to help you create a full and complete profile, section by section. 

Missed the series? You can still follow along with the recordings below and make updates at your own pace! To edit your profile, Log In and go to Manage My Public Profiles in your Dashboard. Click “edit” beside the profile you wish to update. Use our top tips listed with each recording to make small but impactful updates to each section of your profile – happy updating!

Click to jump to the workshop recording for: 

Profile Section: Basic Required Information

In this webinar, we cover:  

  • How to create a new profile with all required information 

  • How to add additional Professional Disciplines to your profile 

  • How to choose the right Institution/Business Type for your profile

  • How to add Activities/Services to your profile 

  • How to select the right Legal Status for your profile 

TOP TIP: Check your Public Contact email address. Is it up to date and free of typos? This is the email address that will receive any messages from site users who want to get in touch with you, so make sure it’s one you’ll be checking often! To make sure you are receiving messages from the site, test it out: click “Contact this Profile” on your own public profile and send yourself a message!   

Profile Section: Artists Only

In this webinar, learn how to:   

  • Add the Native American Artist designation to your profile 

  • Complete the Teaching Artist section of your profile 

  • Complete the Touring Artist section of your profile  

  • Show if you are on a State Arts Agency roster  

  • See examples of profiles that use these sections 


TOP TIP: Are you Teaching Artist? If so, be sure that your Institution/Business type is listed as an “Artist/Creative - Individual” (not school of the arts) and use the Teaching Artist section to share details about your work in teaching artistry!  


Profile Section: Media

In this webinar, we cover how to:  


  • Fill your profile with vibrant, expressive media that shows examples of your work in action 

  • Choose a great profile image 

  • Add videos and images to your media gallery 

  • Add social media and website links to your profile 

  • Utilize the “Additional Content” fields for other non-visual media  

  • Info about the Profile Score and how it affects your profile’s visibility in Search 



TOP TIP: Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this section to utilize the “Additional Content” fields! You can add links to other types of media such as podcasts, audio platforms, video platforms other than YouTube and Vimeo, articles, online storefronts or fundraising sites, and more.  

Profile Section: I Have Worked With/Affiliations & Accomplishments

In this webinar, we cover:  

  • How to add working and collaborative relationships on your profile 

  • How to choose which connections to list on your I Have Worked With section 

  • How this section affects your profile’s visibility in Search 

  • How to list that you are part of a Designated Arts Community 



TOP TIP: You can list collaborators whether or not they already have a CreativeGround profile (watch the demo to see how!) If you list a collaborator who is based in New England but does not yet have a CreativeGround profile, encourage them to get listed so you can link to their profile from yours -- and bring more visibility to your creative network!  

Profile Section: Venues for Rent/Use

In this webinar, we cover:  

  • How to indicate that your profile has a space(s) to offer for rent or use, including information about the venue type, venue details, fee range, and more  

  • How your listed venue is discoverable on CreativeGround by people who need space for creative activities  


TOP TIP: Don’t see your venue type represented in the list of options to choose from? Let us know so we can add it as an option!  


Need more profile support? Book some 1:1 time with a member of the CreativeGround team!