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Six CreativeGround Profiles We Love: March 2023

Spring downpours bring profiles we adore ...  

There’s creative work blooming in every state across New England  

Posted 3/29/2023

It’s that time of the year! Time to check out the new CreativeGround profiles that are in the spotlight. These creative people and places are adding to our robust creative community in their unique way through making, educating, exhibiting, and more.   

See how these profiles use CreativeGround to support their creative work. But don’t stop there. Take a deep dive into their respective profiles and learn about these wonderful representatives of our creative economy network. 

Oh, and of course! Get tips on cultivating your profile to full bloom on the Profile Tips page. Shine a light on vital creative work and nominate a profile you love to get the spotlight treatment

Janet Van Fleet

location balloonBased in Barre, VT 

Janet Van Fleet is a mixed-media artist whose current work is a series of large and small wall-hung figures made with wood, wire, and found materials. She is a founder of Studio Place Arts (SPA), a three-story community center for the visual arts in Barre, Vermont, where her studio is located. She has been a Vermont reviewer for Art New England, and founded Vermont Art Zine with the late Marc Awodey. Her work frequently has a social or political perspective, and in addition to her arts practice, Van Fleet is an experienced curator. 

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Library Arts Center

location balloonBased in Newport, NH 

The Library Arts Center is a creative gathering space where friends, family, neighbors and visitors can connect and share in a celebration of artistic inspiration, creative vision, and community spirit—in the true sense of “community arts.” Founded in 1967, the LAC is a non-profit arts center, gallery and studio located in the heart of downtown Newport, NH. It’s a thriving center that offers a tremendous number of exhibitions, performances, classes and workshops annually. LAC features artwork that is both beautiful & accessible, as well as art that pushes creative boundaries. 

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Broiderie Stitch

location balloonBased in Gardner, MA 

Broiderie Stitch is a small hand embroidery studio in Massachusetts specializing in custom handkerchiefs, blankets, and one-of-a-kind temari balls. It is dedicated to preserving the fine art of hand embroidery in finished items and to teaching others. Broiderie Stitch also experiments with related crafts such as spinning, weaving, and dyeing with ethically foraged materials and shares its findings with the world. 

"I use Creative Ground to get in touch with other artists based in New England and learn about local cultural opportunities. I love having a platform dedicated to creative work that really understands what artists need." - Jackie Frost, Broiderie Stitch 

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Camden Opera House

location balloonBased in Camden, ME

Opened in 1894 and on the National Register of Historic Places, The Camden Opera House is a 485-seat auditorium, including two conference and meeting rooms, a lounge and mini-theater -- all served by elevator. Owned, managed, and supported by the Town of Camden, Maine, the opera house serves residents of all ages by hosting a wide range and variety of performances, concerts, theater, national and international conferences, and other events. With more than 125 years of service, the Camden Opera House is invested in the cultural vibrancy of its community. 


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Clara Creavin

location balloonBased in Providence, RI

Clara Creavin is a Rhode Island based portrait artist generally specializing in oil paint as her painting medium and caran d'ache crayon as her drawing medium. Many of Clara's commissioned work involves colorful and vibrant bust portraiture, rich with detail. If you have any interest in a portrait of you or a loved one, feel free to reach out to Clara through her CreativeGround profile! 

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Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

location balloonBased in East Hartford, CT 

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti is a historian, playwright, actor, and storyteller. As a Living History performer, the practice of storytelling is her roots and a vehicle for sharing untapped American history. The life of Ona Judge, an enslaved woman owned by the Washington family, is one such historical story that she has explored, bringing to the surface an integral part of America’s history. 

"CreativeGround provides the opportunity to highlight my ancestors, their great contributions and tell my stories based on truth. I can illuminate the continuous lineage of Black Women who fought for themselves and their communities to have better lives.”

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