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Six CreativeGround Profiles We Love: August 2023

Summer love for profiles we adore...  

There’s creative work warming up every state across New England  

Posted 8/28/2023

Time to check out the new CreativeGround profiles that are in the spotlight! These creative people and places are adding to our robust creative community in their unique way through making, educating, exhibiting, and more.   

See how these profiles use CreativeGround to support their creative work. But don’t stop there. Take a deep dive into their respective profiles and learn about these wonderful representatives of our creative economy network.

Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Shape of CT Based in Norwalk, CT

Founded in 1995, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking (CCP) is the only nonprofit organization between New York City and Boston solely dedicated to the art of the print, including printmaking, papermaking, book arts, digital processes, and related disciplines. CCP has become a unique cultural resource, acclaimed and respected by those interested in works on paper. CCP offers free and open to the public exhibitions in its gallery, workshops open to emerging and established artists, an Artist-in-Residency program, and edition printing services.

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Shape of ME Based in Cornish, ME

Orkney (Scotland) born fiddler Louise Bichan and Indiana (USA) mandolinist Ethan Setiawan present a collaboration and meeting of their musical worlds in Hildaland. A path steeped in the fiddle traditions of their respective sides of the Atlantic, the journey taken wends through Scottish, oldtime, and Swedish inspired music intertwined with contemporary compositions. Bichan’s fiddle is a melodic foil to Setiawan’s counterpoint and harmonic depth, and the two weave in and out seamlessly.

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'62 Center for Theatre and Dance at Williams College

Shape of MA Based in Williamstown, MA

Continuing its mission to contextualize arts within scholarly inquiry, the Center presents an impressive body of work that sets student work side-by-side with that of professional artists. We strive to challenge traditional forms, engage with a larger political dialogue and allow our audiences to explore diverse modes of expression. Not content merely to present popular work, the Center’s professional performances, workshops and student productions are designed to invite the entire community to engage, debate, and celebrate the experience of both witnessing and creating live art.

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Arts in Reach

Shape of NH Based in Portsmouth, NH

Arts in Reach (AIR) is an out-of-school arts program in southeastern New Hampshire and Maine that inspires teenage girls and gender-expansive youth to be brave, elevate their voices, and create the lives they imagine. All programs are offered at no cost, include transportation, and are led by professional teaching artists. Our teens make cool art, have fun, share an open and creative space, and build lasting friendships!

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Shape of RI Based in Rumford, RI

Pneuhaus is an interdisciplinary art and design studio dedicated to integrating experiences of nature and its wonders into the contemporary city. We draw on the science of optics to re-stage natural dynamics of light like rainbows, eclipses, and the processes of human vision through experiential sculptures and environments.

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project jelinora

Shape of VT Based in Bradford, VT

I define Whole Voice as the full, Real expression of whatever we need to share in the world: speaking, singing, songwriting, music production, filmmaking, drawing, painting, poetry, dancing, activism, blogging, community service... and all the rest of the infinite possibilitiesAs a neurodivergent, pansexual femme from white Suburbia, my Whole Voice activation has been hard fought and won-- mostly through battles with myself. Through sound vibration and creative expression I'm reclaiming parts of my soul from all the bizarre cultural territories to which I outsourced them in the first place.

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