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Walter Ungerer

Walter Ungerer is a filmmaker and artist, beginning with the underground film scene of New York City in the early 1960s and continuing through to the 21st century in Camden, Maine. Born in New York City, Ungerer’s education includes a BFA (Pratt Institute), MA (Columbia University), and PhD (Sacramento International University). While at school he also worked as a freelance cinematographer and editor, but turned to personal filmmaking in 1964, beginning with The Tasmanian Devil (1964),Introduction To Oobieland (1969), and Ubi Est Terram Oobiae? (1969). In 1969 he moved to Vermont and a teaching position at Goddard College. He formed Dark Horse Films, Inc. in 1976, a non-profit company under which he produced four independent features, including The Animal (1976) and The Winter There Was Very Little Snow (1982). In 1991 he began use of the computer as a creative filmmaking tool, which continues to this day. Among the results are Birds 2/93 (1993), Kingsbury Beach (1999), Monarda (2010), and Green Eye (2012). Ungerer moved to Maine in 2003, where he produces his films. With fifty years of filmmaking, video, computer, and media experience; Ungerer's works have been shown at museums, festivals and competitions throughout the world including the Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; MoMA, NY; Tate. Great Britain; and Venice Biennale.



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PARVA SED APTA MIHI - short film (2012), 17:02m
MAUVAIS GARÇON/BAD BOY - short film (2012), 17:41m
CITY OF THE ANGELS - short film (2013) , 11:35
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