Rhode Island
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Uncle J's Monsters

I draw Monsters who don't know they're monsters.

My creature portraits are off-beat, colorful, full-of-life, diverse, gentle, lovable, winsome, amiable, mellow, and/or engaging.

I make decisions in the course of making art based on my personal philosophy: “Something different every day.” That something could be shape, color, a horizontal versus vertical orientation, or the number of body parts – eyeballs, legs, horns.

A piece has turned out well when it feels polished (but not too shiny), balanced, the monster exhibits a discernable personality, and it moves and motivates people to create their own “little stories” about the creature.

I’m a stay-at-home dad. Among other parental duties, it’s my job to get our kids ready and off to school each day. That includes packing their lunches. I put a hand-written note with our son’s lunch when he started first grade – a little love from home. That was all good ‘til a few months into second grade when he admitted, “Dad…they’re embarrassing.” Well, just because his young brain got a bit agitated, I’m not done telling him I love him. So, I began sending along a little sketch instead…a doodle a day.

Those early, two-minute drawings – my first since I don’t know when – always on plain 3” x 5” index cards – evolved from pretty rough geometric shapes and single-color stick figures, to bright creatures colorized with magic markers and then, with a fortuitous birthday present, colored pencils. Now, each day’s hand drawn monsters become the basis for digital portraits of Uncle J’s Monsters.

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