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Stephanie Osser

I am a ceramic artist coming from a extensive career as a former staff illustrator for exhibits at the New England Aquarium, for non-fiction children's books, adult trade books, and editorials. For the past 16 years I have been a resident artist at the Ceramics Program Office for the Arts at Harvard, taking classes to develop technique aiding my creative expression.It has been especially wonderful to create in a shared supportive community of fellow ceramic artists.My work is about lightness and good news, with music, children and nature at the center of my themes. My website is full of my explorations with my favorite subjects using so many different techniques available to ceramic artists today, including print on clay, image transfers, majolica, mishima, and my newest technique of creating lithophanes (translucent porcelain back lit images). Some of my work is in permanent museum collections: The Statue of Liberty National Park Ellis Island Museum and The Dinnerware Museum, Ann Arbor, MI. My work has also been included in 33 juried gallery shows around the USA.

Part of the success of my development as a ceramic artist has been due to acceptances into several international ceramic residencies, supporting and expanding my knowledge gained at the Harvard Ceramics Studio Program. These places are great opportunities for uninterrupted creative time among kindred spirits, happily working long hours and developing new friendships, ideas and skills. Living in these countries, trying to communicate with our languages and customs, has been a cherished experience for me. In Denmark, I left the campus of my wonderful ceramic artist community every Tuesday night, to experience the joy of singing in a local choir. When I walked through this charming town of Skaelskor, Denmark to buy my groceries some people from the choir would warmly greet me, calling my name!

In August 2016, I had the exciting experience of learning to make Lithophanes among porcelain experts at the International Ceramic Center, Kecskemét, Hungary. (Lithophanes are back lit translucent porcelain images that take my low bas-relief imagery to another level and application). So new is this technique, that I am developing porcelain slip that will be most successful in providing the translucency needed, with good success so far, at energy saving lower temperatures. Medalta Ceramic Residency in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, in 2014, Guldagergaard/The international Ceramic Research Center, Skaelskor, Denmark in 2011 and 2012, and Watershed Center for the Arts, New Castle Maine, where I received a kiln god award in 2006.

I have enjoyed collaborations with other artists, authors, designers, and art directors creating architectural ceramics for public and private opportunities. Much like my 2D illustration career, I enjoy the challenge and the learning adventure, creating for education, or just to make someone smile, like my book and editorial assignments.

From 2006 - 2012, I was the Manager and ceramic instructor based at the Babson College Ceramic Studio, used by students from Wellesley and Olin College for recreation and relaxation. I enjoyed helping the students explore their creativity playing classical music and jazz in the background. &I employed several student assistants from the 3 colleges. They gained valuable experience helping me run the studio, modeled after the Harvard Ceramics Program, keeping the environment clean and accessible with all needed clay, glaze materials and kiln. In 2012, I was awarded a Mellon Presidential grant to work with students from Wellesley and Babson Colleges making tile murals on the subject of sustainability on their campuses. And at Babson College, students helped me create another ceramic mural inspired by a stick of Twizzler licorice pressed into clay to create bisque molds, making it possible to make a clay tree and landscape. I have also created a mural for Cambridge Health Alliance, in Cambridge, MA, a collaboration with several ceramic artist.

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Lithophanes; Bas- Relief Tile; Print on Porcelain: Sculpture; Dinnerware for Children

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  • May 2014

    I created several original ceramic tiles, a donation for fund raising, inspired by a Dave Brubeck concert we gave directed by Steven Karadianus for the Masterworks Chorale.   I donated my creations and labor of love to help them raise money for the operating costs of the chorale, of which I am a member singer in the soprano section.

  • May 2012

    I was employed as the manager of the Babson College Ceramic Studio from 2006 - 2012 and taught classes too, helping students from Babson, Wellesley and Olin Colleges relax and enjoy some hands on creativity with clay and glaze. I also employed a student from each college to help with maintenance of the studio and materials and kiln firings and some student teaching.During the spring term, in 2012, I was awarded a grant called the BOW (Babson, Olin, Wellesley) Mellon Presidential Grant. I worked with students making the two murals on the subject of sustainability on each of their campuses, creating them side by side at the Babson College Ceramic Studio. The 2 murals were mounted side by side at the Wellesley College Student Center known as The Lucy.

  • May 2012

    This mention of my involvement with Wellesley College was through the grant I received in 2012 working with Babson College as well. It was not the Wellesley Art Department, but that was the only Wellesley College category related to visual arts that you have on your creative ground profile name.


    During the spring term, in 2012, I was awarded a grant called the BOW (Babson, Olin, Wellesley) Mellon Presidential Grant. At that time and starting 6 years earlier,  I was the manager and an instructor of the Babson Ceramics Ceramics Studio, Wellesley, MA. I worked with students making the two murals on the subject of sustainability on each of their campuses, creating them side by side at the Babson College Ceramic Studio. The 2 murals were mounted side by side at the Wellesley College Student Center known as The Lucy.


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Ceramic Artist ~ Illustrator in Porcelain
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National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts
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Tile Heritage Foundation
Ceramics Program Office for the Arts at Harvard University
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York
Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont
University of Montana

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