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I am a visual artist, author and storyteller.  You may have seen my children's books, Old Salty Dog and Lily & Pete's Frightful Field Guide For Spooky Kids out in the world.  I love taking kids on a journey with my stories.  Even more than that, I love guiding young artists and writers through the process of creating their own stories!  I enjoy working with people and schools to create a unique program or workshop to suit their needs.

Storytelling & art instruction     

     My stories and illustrations represent an attempt to emphasize connection to the places and people in our immediate surroundings.  My Rhode Island is a place of steely grey waves and firey autumn leaves.  Real life heroes of our history have portentous encounters with strange, fantastic creatures.  This timeless, mythological Rhode Island allows for an equal blend of fact and folklore.

     I bring a boisterous energy and bouyant humor to my performances that wins over my young audiences.  My program incorporates art tutorials, lessons in history and discussions of local flora and fauna.  My stories connect to the common core educational principles through history, biology, oceanography and geometry.  I showcase large blowups of my illustrations and I employ a theatricality that keeps children engaged.     

Comics & Graphic Novels

    I have been immersed in reading and creating comics and graphic novels since I was a child.  I have a deep understanding of how to tell a story visually and I excel at teaching what I know.  Whether students are manga nuts, marvel fans or love the more personal stories currently taking over the young adult section of your local library, visual storytelling principles remain the same.  Whether students adhere to a classic pen and ink approach, whether they love the limitless potential of a digital palette, or the expressionist possibilities of mixed media, we can still break down how comics work and identify the appropriate techniques for any particular story.  

     I have developed this program over years of mentoring high school seniors through the creation of their own graphic novels.  I work to find the best approach for each student; we will cultivate their specific skills and I help each student learn how to communicate in the medium they have chosen.  I offer the guidance and tools to take a student’s daydream and bring it into the world for all to see.  I can adjust my program for students of any age; these workshops are available for anyone who loves comics and wants to express themselves.

Pricing varies.  Please inquire about discounts for those in need.

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Storyteller / Comics Creator / Teacher
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30 Titus Lane
Warwick, RI 02888
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30 Titus Lane
Warwick, RI 02888
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Theater - Storytelling
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Literary Arts - General
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Artist (Individual)
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Arts Instruction / Lessons
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Multi-State Region

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