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NEFA Grant Recipient

"Part Friedrich Nietzsche, part Jim Carrey, Lepore is sharp and challenging and funny and will help keep you honest and light-hearted around your own search for peace and happiness.” -Flavorpill

Seth Lepore provides thought-provoking and engaging one-man shows of the highest caliber. He is dedicated to providing community members with projects that create an ongoing dialogue that delves into the underlying nature of the human condition. The pieces serve as an empathetic mirror of our culture in order to create new perspectives and understandings, with a high focus on the balance between humor and sincerity.

Lepore currently tours a trilogy of one-man shows on the underbelly of the self-help movement. Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee, a hysterical romp through America's spiritual enterprise has won Audience Awards at the Boulder, Minnesota and Frigid Fringe Festivals and was named one of the top ten plays of 2011 by TC Daily Planet.

The second installment SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Something That Feels Better Than This) led Lepore to being called "part Friedrich Nietzsche, part Jim Carrey...". Kicking Ass and Taking Names (Measuring Success One Failure at a Time) is an interactive solo show that deals with our cultural obsession and misunderstandings of externalized success and internalized failure.

Firecracker Bye Bye, a comic tearjerker about the best Italian-America grandmother...ever, began touring in the sumemr of 2013.

Lepore also tours War/Peace, a weeklong installation and participatory performance project involving community members throughout the United States. Community members will be given the opportunity to define what war and peace means, interact with what other people think and create visual representations of their ideas, feelings and thoughts that will become part of a transparent database.

Lepore is working with bestselling author and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff to take his book Present Shock and make it into a multi-media devised theatrical experience. In development throughout 2015. Premiering 2016.

"The writing and ideas here are smart, fresh, and stimulating, and Lepore's precise acting hammers them home…"

One mark of a quality show is how often you find yourself referring back to it when critiquing other shows. This one-man show…demonstrated how satire is sharpest when you don’t underestimate your target." -Twin Cities Daily Planet

"Lepore stretches the limits of character acting by switching effortlessly between facial expressions & expert voice work to bring these people to life on the turn of a dime…"

Lepore is a brilliant comedian (he perfects accents and extreme personalities) that does not need props in order to keep the crowd entertained.” Maryland Theatre Guide

Lepore comes across a lone, common-man hero…Possessing a rubber-faced ability to slide cleanly into character and deadly accurate powers of observation, Lepore’s acting is integral to the success of [the piece] and worth the price of admission alone.” -Brattleboro Reformer

Fees listed for NEST-eligible Touring range in price accoirding to residencies, block booking and other factors. All fee inquiries should be discussed in detail with Craig Knudsen, Agent, Knudsen Productions. Contact or (510) 549-1777.

I Have Worked With

  • October 2014

    State: RI
    Date: 10/2013
    Activity: Concert/performance/reading/residency

    I held a residency for two weeks at 95 Empire, the black box theater held under AS220, in order to remount Firecracker Bye Bye. I then performed two weeks of the show.

  • August 2014

    State: RI
    Date: 8/2014
    Activity: Concert/performance/reading/residency

    I performed two shows of Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names.

  • March 2014

    State: WI
    Date: 3/2014
    Activity: Concert/performance/reading
    Phone: 608-758-6565 x757

    I was hired to perform Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee.




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Performing Artist/ Humorist
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Easthampton, MA 01027
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(510) 549-1777


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Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Project
Network of Ensemble Theaters Member
Easthampton City Arts + Member
Frigid Fringe Audience Award 2013
Boulder Fringe Festival Audience Encore Award 2010
Minnesota Fringe Festival Audience Encore Award 2011
B.E.A.M. Grant 2001
I am a NEFA Grant Recipient

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Basic lighting grid and sound system re-enforcement. Stage that is a minimum of 12x12.
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