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Rhode Island Creative Magazine (RICM) was founded by Kimberly Sherman Leon in February 2012 to promote Rhode Island’s creative arts professionals. RICM has become a catalyst for raising awareness of the economic value of the creative arts industry to the state and the springboard of expanded interest and understanding of the abundance of talent and creative energy in the local area. Hundreds of creative arts professionals, business leaders, corporate executives, students and teachers, and other individuals from all walks of life subscribe to the e-magazine, which has realized significant growth in new subscribers with the release of each edition. In addition, there has been a consistent influx of unique visitors to its accompanied website. These platforms and the expansion of its social media networks have resulted in an integrated marketing structure that offers multimedia and multi-platform exposure and reach for businesses seeking to attract new customers.

Each monthly issue features information for entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers, and showcases designers, artists, printers, writers, brand and marketing experts and digital specialists. These articles are inspirational and educational, written and contributed by local professionals in this industry.  


The Rhode Island Creative Magazine’s mission is to make Rhode Island’s creative industry, and Providence, its Creative Capital, shine! This truly unique one-of-a-kind publication is an important resource that will create awareness of the outstanding creative talent of Rhode Island, attract and expand business opportunities, create jobs, promote local education, small and large businesses, organizations, designers, artists, printers, writers, students and others who are (and will be) an equally important resource for our economy.

By gathering a variety of experts in the industry, producing a visual and educational piece, we are able to showcase what we do on a much larger scale. RICM will educate and promote the current and upcoming creative professionals, organizations and local talent. It will provide inspiring as well as educational articles written and contributed by local colleges, universities, businesses, organizations, and artists in this industry.  founderA Rhode Island College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a minor in industrial technology, a local graphic designer, business owner, wife, mother of three aging 15, 11 & 2, publisher and an honorable mention Woman to Watch Entrepreneur, Kimberly has been in the creative arts industry for well over a decade and understands how important this industry is to not only to herself but to many others.

In her daily line of work, she strives to make other small and large businesses succeed by providing professional designs and products that help market and grow their small or large business. At the same time, she is educating her clients the importance of design and how it delivers a message visually to their potential clients and other businesses. This led her to not only want to educate what she does, but what we all do and promote the artistic community, improve the communication between the industries and provide connections between business sectors by bringing the community together. 

Throughout Kimberly’s career, she has developed many relationships and connections that involve a variety of experts within the industry. She has gathered these professionals and produced a visual and educational piece that helps showcase the artistic community through a wide, up-close lens.

Kimberly, a native Rhode Islander who is truly passionate and committed to the creative industries, has concepted and developed this one-of-a-kind amazing tool of creativity to educate, inspire, grow and acknowledge all aspects of this industry. "What began as my passion to share the unique attributes of our state’s creative arts industry has turned into a thriving business and movement.”

"I hope you enjoy the Rhode Island Creative Magazine, our state’s creative resource!" www.ricreativemag.com


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  • July 2014

    Collaborating support for the creative industry.

    Artist Loop, Rhode Island Creative Magazine, RI, Cranston, Providence, community, art, creative, workshops, presenters, artists, organizations, non-profits

  • February 2014

    Collaborating support for the creative industry.

    Thayer Street District, Rhode Island Creative Magazine, RI, Cranston, Providence, community, art, creative, workshops, technology, artists, youth

  • September 2013

    Collaborating support for the creative industry. RICM has now begun to offer workshops for high school students, college students and adults in their community space to offer hands-on 'real world' experience. RICM is bringing the technology side of the arts to their community center to offer to all those who are interested in exploring new opportunites or to expand their knowledge.

    Artists' Exchange, Rhode Island Creative Magazine, RI, Cranston, community, art, creative, workshops, technology, hands-on, artists, students, education, youth


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