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Rebecca Flores (Artist)

Rebecca Flores is an award winning surrealist abstract artist and one of the most prominent and leading influences in the arts of our time.  Acknowledged amongst "the women with vitality," Flores is an acclaimed Latina artist, poet, renowned novelist, educator, producer and TV personality.  

After tragically losing her 18 year old daughter Natasha Love Gonsalves in 2008 through a senseless act of teen violence, she decided to forge ahead with her passion and her mission to inspire and empower her audience by helping them realize their faith, vision, and energy to believe.



Behind it all -SerLieve Art

SerLieve is a well-defined abstract art with eminence series of other related categorized compositions that are put together with written experiences and interpretation, some in poetry of memories and the environment of Rebecca’s years, and present views of her life in a spiritual sense.   The creation of SerLieve stemmed in Cranston, Rhode Island by Rebecca Flores in 2013, at her home base art studio gallery, which became her responsibility to initiate her own different endurance of her own personal and spiritual change that will influence others towards the choice of believing the imaginary with faith and hope.   Rebecca’s purpose is to have viewers understand her symbolic life by generating a unique connection as they observe and penetrate a pictorial experience of her representation.   SerLieve is a distinct style of inspirational and spiritual compositions with focus that the viewer will identify and value compassion for humankind while invited to open their consciousness, inner self and believe that we all share experiences that are layered the same way but, never a mystery from oneself.  In 2013, Rebecca exhibited a composition entitled Nature, Nurture, Hope:  A Different Kind of Mental Health that consisted of twenty two of her masterful pieces in Providence, Rhode Island.  Her power and influence of how she articulates, declares and expresses in detail perspective colors and how she amplifies wide range of feelings and moods melodically conveys her truth on Canvas indicating how she speaks from the heart.

SerLieve and its creation

Rebecca, who is of Puerto Rican ethnicity was born on June 18, 1957,  in New York City, raised in the South Bronx and the oldest of 8 children.  Rebecca considers herself a Nuyorican artist and poet. She remembers living through the artistic expressive sounds of dance moves and tunes of the hip hop era, salsa era, the spoken word, along with graffiti art and writing during the 70’s and up to the mid 80’s at a time when the Puerto Rican migration and movement was materializing steadily and prompt, she witnessed how the transformation in neighborhoods characterized the exertions of cultures to preserve their significance and value.   In spite of this, she took in consideration the mayhem of perseverance and respect over the years that came with independence and those who wrote about it, including both her parents being poets themselves, her father an artist and how this did not stop them from surviving. 

Rebecca observes and embraces life’s experiences together with her compassion for people, and trusts that if you believe, have faith and accepts truth, good things will eventually surface.  She is a therapeutic artist with an education in psychology and spirituality, and a poet.  SerLieve evolved because of the memories of struggles of how tough things were, and at the same time how it brought back wonderful and precious moments of laughter of how she and her family grew up.  Rebecca came to a decision one day originate a word that would describe her unique style of her art technique combining her world of experiences in her interpretation in writing, along with all the things she does to inspire every one, her son, including her.  She took the word believe and created the word SerLieve by uniting the Spanish word for be “Ser”, along with the English suffix for willing “lieve”.  In Rebecca’s world of inspiration, “SerLieve means to be willing to exist with confidence, have faith, trust and accept your experiences meant for discovering yourselves.” 

The simplicity of SerLieve 

Two components that make up SerLieve the art is the visual production and the composed interpretation, which gives the artwork a stimulating intense effect with intensified art expression, spiritual feelings and thoughts revealing art emotions with movement that is not represented in realistic form; using colors and shapes that depicts the qualities of her abstract methods.  The technique used is not necessarily with brushes but, with instruments and thing from nature she finds in her back yard, house and with her fingers to identify figures and forms of illustrated feelings.

SerLieve brings to mind moments of experiences she has encountered and visualize as change for the future with faith in what she believes in. The art of SerLieve strongly emphasizes on unity, strength and determination at times using impasto techniques for a more visual representation.  The energy of SerLlieve transformation from the unenthusiastic to the optimistic expression in motion opens the mind to awareness that identifies with her world as a Nuyorican artist inside and out.   To understand the effect of SerLieve, one needs too interest themselves to the visual energy combined with the shapes, colors and lines that are the true mist of her creativity.  The abstract stories Rebecca reveals on canvas adds a poetic essence that are not calamities but spiritual truth of how she has manifested into the woman she believes from her past growing up Puerto Rican in the South Bronx to her life in Rhode Island.  SerLieve is all about, faith and believing in yourself that good things will happen if you take the time to assess your surroundings, relationships, family and yourself.  All those make up the meaning of SerLieve in its mystical and spiritual abstract and poetic expressive form.

The Main Belief of SerLieve

The nature of change, accepting as true in the ability to solve situations through faith and the act of expressing our voice through art and poetry is the influence of the main belief of SerLieve.  It is a personal collection of Rebecca’s experiences with the accent of unlimited visuals in a surrealistic manner using palette and impasto style techniques and touches representing reminiscing days, and accentuating figurative abstract shapes of body movements that surrounded episodes of her life.  SerLieve the art conveys acceptance and the willing to raise awareness to ones spiritual being by using methods creative to the eye that spells out and articulates in detail how the world is; what is taking place and how we as a society still need further evidence of expression through the world of painting and poetry in order to notice the significance of trust, hope and to believe.

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I Have Worked With

  • June 2014

    June 22, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – June 23, 2014 @ 1:00 amWhere:

    115 Empire Street
    Providence, RI 02903

    Visual artist and Poet Rebecca Flores will perform excerpts from her book, Elements of Life – Elementos de Vida, which will be released and available at the show. Composer, Izzy Flores, will provide piano accompaniment. rebeccaflores.biz


  • February 2014

    Rebecca Flores of Cranston was awarded first place in painting for “Romancing.” Flores is also a first-time entrant in a juried show. “I was a bit nervous (entering the show) because I thought this would be an inspiring opportunity for people see and realize how painting has transformed my life after losing my daughter, Natasha Love, in 2008, due to a senseless act of teen violence. If I can forge ahead, they too can do it if they just believe.”

    Deciding which piece to enter is a challenge for most artists, as it was for Flores. “Actually, it was difficult,’” Flores said. “I have a few large colorful pieces representing heartfelt stories I favor, however, my son Joshua, age 16, chose that piece for me. I usually ask his opinion when making certain decisions, he believes in me and sees how hard I work to create an art piece. He said, ‘Mom, I like the painting “Romancing” because it tells a different kind of story, and I like how you used three colors to express the two people, giving it a strong effect.’”http://www.newportri.com/features/arts/at-the-museum-selected-artworks-tell-compelling-stories/article_5353d3d3-0b08-588e-b183-f2c0dec8e2ad.html

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Rhode Island Council for the Arts
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2014 - State of Rhode Island Victims Unit Award for the Arts (The Natasha Love Foundation) Providence Mayor Angel Taveras- Youth in the Arts
2013 - Central Falls High School-Art Community Mentor Citation Women in Charge Award – Community Art Award
2012 - The Providence Center-Poetry Mentor citation
2010 - Francisco Oller Museo de Arte, Elements of Life Art Exhibition and Lecture City of Bayamon, Puerto Rico-Citation
2008 - The Extraordinary Woman Award-International Woman’s Day Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Extraordinary Award Attorney General, Patrick Lynch-Extraordinary Woman Award Lieutenant Governor-Elizabeth Roberts, Extraordinary Woma
2007 - Representative Grace Diaz-Commitment in Community Service Woman Award 5th Annual State Latino Visual Arts Awards
2006 - 4th Annual State Latino Visual Arts Award Certificate of Accomplishment- Rhode Island US Senator, Jack Reed Citizen Citation- Mayor David N. Cicilline, City or Providence Congressional Recognition-Congressman James R Langevin Special C
2005 - Congressman James Langevin-Congressional Recognition for Commitment to Community Service Puerto Ricans Parade of Rhode Island as a Puerto Rican “Author” in the community Letter of Outstanding Achievement from the Governor of Puerto
2004 - Congressman James Langevin-Congressional Recognition for Commitment to Community Service Puerto Ricans Parade of Rhode Island as a Puerto Rican “Author” in the community
2003 - Alan Shawn Feinstein Community Service and Arts Merit Award Rhode Island House of Senate-Outstanding Commitment & Community Service and Arts Governor Donald Carcieri-Outstanding Community Service Lieutenant Governor, Fogarty, Outstanding C

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Rebecca's Roving Home Based Art Gallery
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