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Creative Business
Mural Envy, LLC

Mural Envy's mission is to transform overlooked spaces into areas of interest, inspiration and beauty.

Artist Toni Miraldi is motivated by the belief that since we are subtly influenced by our environs, we should surround ourselves and our communities with beauty and positive messages, to help combat feelings of suspicion, fear, and despair. By painting murals on forgotten walls, Miraldi hopes to remind viewers of the beauty around us that we are often too distracted to notice.

Most of Miraldi's artistic inspiration comes from the natural world. She is fascinated by opposing forces found in nature: fragile and strong, beautiful and gruesome, independent from human influence and also sculpted by it. Timeless yet disappearing rapidly. Stylistically, her background in graphic design and interior design are the filters through which she approaches her subjects. The skills honed in her professional life--attention to detail, efficiency, and economy--now influence her art. When she begins planning a new work, she starts with something familiar and put it through a series of refinements, reducing it to a stylization of the original, a different but recognizable form, which allows viewers to approach the familiar in a fresh way.


I Have Worked With

  • January 2017 to December 2019

    As a member of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, I have exhibited three times with their Accessible Arts Program, and once with their EndWorks Group Show. In October 2018, I collaborated with the Cultural Alliance and the Women's Center of Greater Danbury to create the large, 4-panel HOPE Mural to raise awareness for the Women's Center's mission to end domestic violence. This major project was funded by the CT Office of the Arts REGI grant, and was initially installed inside Danbury Hospital.

  • October 2018 to September 2019

    I was awarded the CT Office of the Arts REGI grant for FY19. The generous arts grant allowed me to create the HOPE Mural installation for EndWorks and the Women's Center of Greater Danbury. (See other affiliations on my profile for more details on the project.)

  • August 2018 to April 2019

    In October of 2018, I completed an 8' x 17' wall mural on four panels for The Women's Center of Greater Danbury. Since its founding in 1975, the Women’s Center has been a safe haven as the sole provider of services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in the Northern Fairfield and Southern Litchfield County areas. Though the Women’s Center has been active in the Greater Danbury community for over 40 years, many in the community are unaware of the breadth and diversity of its services.

    By drawing public attention to the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, the mural supports and furthers the Center’s mission and vision. The mural illustrates the broad range of cultures, genders, ages, and backgrounds associated with the Women’s Center, and thereby encourages further connection by all members of the community. By using visual art to describe the mission of the Women’s Center, the mural engage peoples who have not connected with the Center through other media channels.

    The project was a collaboration with the Women's Center and the Cultural Alliance of Western CT, and was funded by a state REGI grant through the CT Office of the Arts. The mural was originally installed inside Danbury Hospital, making Western Connecticut Health Services a partner on the project as well.


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The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut
Newtown, CT Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts
Wheaton College
REGI Arts Grant, FY19