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Cultural Nonprofit
Mayyim Hayyim Gallery

The Mayyim Hayyim Art Gallery is a dynamic, public expression of one of our founding principles: Hiddur Mitzvah -- the rabbinic mandate to make Jewish life beautiful.  We select and display works of the highest quality and in a variety of media, by artists of all ethnicities and religions. Housed in the Paula Brody & Family Education Center, the gallery functions as a classroom for students of all ages as well as a source of inspiration for everyone who walks through our doors .

We seek to:

  • Interest people from diverse backgrounds in Mayyim Hayyim through juried exhibits of the highest quality
  • Provide a beautiful environment for those who have come to immerse and for their families and friends
  • Present exhibitions and related educational programs that provide original perspectives about immersion in particular, and about ritual in general
  • Showcase the creativity of contemporary artists of all faiths
  • Provide a forum for the exploration of the role of the arts as an expression of Jewish life
  • Serve as a laboratory for Jewish arts education
  • Build bridges of interfaith and multi-ethnic understanding


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I Have Worked With

  • January 2012

    An exhibit entititled, "A Rare View,” featuring Selected Works by the Young women of Raw Art Works

  • April 2009

    In collaboration with the New Center for Arts and Culture (now part of the Jewish Arts Collaborative), an exhibit entitled, " "Fresh Fruit," featuring Digital photographs by Wally Gilbert and sculpture by Stephanie Chubbuck

  • April 2008

    Sculpture exhibit entitled, "Like Ducks to Water"


  • Cultural Nonprofit
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1838 Washington Street
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Cultural Nonprofit
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Council of American Jewish Museums

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Mayyim Hayyim Gallery
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1838 Washington St.
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