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Cultural Nonprofit

For over 30 years, Main Street Arts has served the creative needs of Central New England by providing a breadth of art, music and performance opportunities rarely found outside of academia or large urban arts and performance institutions.

Our goals are to provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and walks of life to experience and participate in the creative arts; to integrate art and culture into the everyday lives of our area’s residents; to be a source of support and growth for creative professionals; to use the arts to help grow and transform the region economically and culturally; and to serve as an example of all that a community organization can aspire to be.

Main Street Arts provides regular classes in the fine arts, motion, music and theater with specific offerings targeted to virtually all ages and abilities from the disabled amateur to the established arts professional. It operates arts-centered camps and after school programs. It organizes and hosts dinners, shows, and community events to allow artists, musicians and performers of all types to share their talents and passions with the public. It brings in performers from across the country to audiences in small communities in New England and trains and supports local artists, composers, dancers and performers by showcasing and, in some cases, directly sponsoring their creative output.

MSA’s Mission
Main Street Arts is a catalyst for arts and community, fostering creative expression through artistic
experiences, accessible to all.

MSA’s Values
With our communities, our artists and our constituents at the core, we strive to act taking the following
values to heart:

• Include - There is a place for everyone at MSA
                  Being inclusive and accessible by creating a culture of warmth and belonging, 
                  connecting with people and community, acting with transparency, dignity, and respect.
• Improve - Wherever you are we raise the bar
                   Being innovative, acting with courage and challenging the status quo to find new ways to grow,
                   striving for excellence, doing the best we can and holding ourselves accountable.
• Inspire - We do art to feed the soul
                 Being that spark of creativity and imaginative possibility that makes it fun and interesting 
                 to be a part of the community, encouraging artists and audiences to open their hearts, 
                 to find joy and meaning through vulnerability, authenticity, and beauty.


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Managing Director
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PO BOX 100
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35 Main Street
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Cultural Nonprofit
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Arts Service Organizations