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Laurie L. Walker

I've been creating art for more than 30 years now.  Everyone knew me as the resident artist in high school.  I spent most of my crummy teen years haunting the art room and frightening everyone with too much creative energy.  I began selling works at an early age. Around 15 I entered my first juried show.  I had some technical training in Commercial Art from Sun Area Technical Institute and won several awards before graduating high school. 

I'm originally from a rural farming area of central Pennsylvania that no one has ever heard of.  I began travelling around the country at 18 before spending 2 years in California.  I have since lived in OH, WV, VA, and now make my home and humble studio in rural western ME.  I love it here.  The people are interesting, the landscapes challenge me, the go-to-hell winters offer the best excuse an introvert could hope for to be left in solitude, and the air and water are clean for the foreseeable future.

I have consistently managed to create art through the years at a steady pace.  The works I've done are scattered from California to the UK, adopted by those few whose paths perhaps only briefly crossed mine. Like breadcrumbs they mark a rather enigmatic journey.

Landscapes come naturally to me, but I have done some still life.  I prefer painting in oils or pastels for their generousity of pigment and forgiving nature.  I work primarily in graphic mediums such as charcoal and pen and ink for portraiture.  My most recent works are pretty far-out expressionistic abstracts done mostly in acrylics, occasionally playing in mixed media or collage.  I occasionally delve seriously into photography.   I also enjoy calligraphy, rustic print methods, and many types of fiber arts.  The self-exploration it requires, and the satisfaction to be found in creating art has made it my closest companion.

I enjoy the arts community, and was chosen to be the director at Upcountry Artists Gallery & Learning Center in Farmington, Maine in April, 2015.  This has provided an outlet for some of my communication skills, and, I hope, helped a number of other artists in their efforts to market their art to the public in a rural area, which often poses a unique set of challenges to artists.

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  • October 2014

    Current Director for the Upcountry Artists Gallery & Learning Center

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