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Tim Latta and Felicity Jones- LATTAWORK (

Some of you may know us from past performances at your schools, from showcases, or from our work with other companies (Theatre de la Jeune Lune; Pilobolus; Momix; Faustwork). Some may recognize Felicity from Broadway or TV. Some of you may be hearing about us for the first time. Regardless of how you heard about us, we’d love for you to check out our new offerings from our new company. Lattawork is committed to education through the use of the arts. We are entertainers that bring a serious message to our audience through a fun medium. We think it’s a great way to learn and we think the messages are important.

Lattawork has combined Accidance and Motion 360 together, continuing to offer our one man tour de force in dance theater- Motion 360 with Tim Latta.

In addition, we are delighted now to offer a new show about democracy- ME PLURIBUS UNUM with Felicity Jones.  Who would have thought civics could be so much fun. Hilarious for all ages.


While we still love entertaining audiences in theatres around the world, we now bring our expertise into the schools as well to perform and conduct workshops for all ages (K-12).

Why do we bring theatre to the schools? Because that’s where the kids are!

We feel it’s important to perform in the schools because they are the building blocks of our society. We feel very strongly that exposure to the arts as both a discipline and a medium of expression is crucial to the education of our young people. We also feel that artistic presentation is a highly effective teaching tool that can easily incorporate the common core.

We offer two performances for theaters and schools (K-12+)

                                                                                         MOTION 360.

Is it theater? Dance? Circus? It’s all of these and more. It’s an anti-bullying show (without ever mentioning anti-bullying!) It’s a performance for now. A new way of looking at creative thinking and how we can use it in our daily lives- in schoolwork, interactions with peers, building self esteem, respect, confidence and tolerance.

At Lattawork, we believe that everything and everyone around us has a story to tell and the potential to teach us something. Sometimes, though, it’s hard for us to slow down, let go and see or hear what is happening around us. In Motion 360, Tim Latta  (former Pilobolus, Momix, Faustwork Mask Theater) demonstrates how we can, literally, stumble over everyday objects and use them to unlock our creativity, look at the world with new eyes and help us discover anew the stories within us all. He creates dance/theatre pieces using objects that range from the ordinary- rollerblades and chairs, to the extraordinary- stilts, masks and rolling milk cans!

While entertaining the audience, Mr. Latta is also teaching a whole new process of exploration. We learn that simple objects in the world around us can be used as tools for creative problem solving.  In the best case scenario, we learn that they can be used to explore our dreams, aspirations and ambitions as well as different sides of our personalities. This process can be used in a classroom, a workplace and throughout our lives.

Entertaining and enlightening, Motion360 will leave audiences saying, “I can”. “Tim’s commitment to teaching and nurturing creativity in young people is obvious and infectious.” (All ages)



What does government mean to you?

 What’s this election business all about?

 What are we voting for?

 How does government work in America?


Get the answers in ME PLURIBUS UNUM, the new show by Lattawork and Felicity Jones.

In ME PLURIBUS UNUM, we get a hilarious lecture-demonstration cum stump speech by the wanna-be Queen of the United States of America.  In her negative attack campaign, she unwittingly makes the case for democracy as we know it, and shows us how lucky we are!

As she argues that an absolute monarchy is so much easier than democracy (no questioning necessary, no thinking involved!) she points up the value of civic participation and involvement in our government.

Her ironic criticisms of the American system cover the separation of powers, how laws are passed, taxes, and freedom of speech.  At the end of her harangue, she demands a vote to end democracy in America so she can achieve her American Dream:  to become queen of the greatest nation on earth.

She may be vain, harsh, manipulative and delusional, but she’s not stupid.  In the end she sees the paradox behind her dream. You can’t be queen of the greatest nation on earth if you take away everything that makes it great.  It’s not me pluribus unum, but pluribus unum: out of many, one.

We are a country where everyone has a voice.  For our system to work, every citizen should use that voice and participate in our society to the best of their abilities.  In exchange for the rights and opportunities afforded us by our system, we must be involved.  It’s a big responsibility.  But it’s a small price to pay to live in the greatest nation on earth!

Felicity Jones Grades K-2; 3-12 and beyond.



Timothy Latta is an actor, dancer, choreographer and director. Since 1982 he has traveled the globe with companies such as Pilobolus, Momix, and Faustwork Mask Theatre. He was co-founder of the rhythm duo Testi di Bosca with tap dancer Joe Orrach and did a stint with The Royal Lichtenstein Circus. He has been a guest artist with Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Iso, The Deutsche Opera and Shawn McConneloug and her Orchestra among others. Highlights include being a featured performer in “Nachtmond”, with David Shiner, at the Wintergarden Variete’ in Berlin, choreographing the award winning “ALICE” for the Lindsay Kemp Company in Barcelona, Spain and playings “Bob” in Kevin Kling’s “Lloyd’s Prayer” at ACT in Seattle. He is the founding director of Lattawork.








Felicity Jones is an actress, writer, and educator who lives in Connecticut.

She has appeared on stages throughout the United States; from Broadway to San Francisco and New Haven to Seattle.  Her work runs the gamut from Shakespeare to Ibsen to Pinter to collaboratively created ensemble pieces with the likes of Mary Zimmerman and Theatre de la Jeune Lune.  She was Artistic Associate with Theatre de la Jeune Lune for ten years, acting in some 38 productions, as well as writing, directing and designing.  She has appeared on television (Law & Order, Ed, Deadline, Wonderland) and film (Julie & Julia, Signs).

Her current show ME PLURIBUS UNUM is a response to a concern that dissatisfaction with our government starts from not understanding it.  Her goal is to introduce young people to the basics of US government while encouraging them to think of it as something in which they can and should participate.


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