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John Perrault

John presents an evening (or afternoon) of ballads, lyrics, poems, and fresh cross-grained songs focused on the art of paying attention: to your neighbor, government, planet, self. With three books and nine albums under his belt, John draws on a wide range of traditions, both oral and written, to challenge the head and stir the heart. John was Portsmouth Poet Laureate 2003-2005; his latest CD,"Rock and Root," is available from CD Baby. John is the author of "The Ballad of Louis Wagner" & "Jefferson's Dream" (both histories with accompanying ballads) and "Here Comes the Old Man Now" (poetry) plus nine CDs. Here are some comments on John's recordings:

Rock and Root: “Great new songs from a masterful sage of a writer-performer.” –Craig Werth,
“JP lays down a layer of poetry under every lyric he writes.” --Marie Harris,

Jefferson’s Dream: John Perrault has a great passion for history and a wonderful insight into the American experience. These stories and songs reflect an outstanding dedication to that passion. --Bill Staines

Rough Cuts: John Perrault is a true country poet….Blessed with an unwavering ear for melody, and a weathered grace Perrault delivers a collection of vivid, melancholy, gritty, folk/country tales that transcend the genre. A fine, fine album that cuts across all boundaries. --Northeast Performer

Before You Go: Before You Go is such an immensely beautiful collection of music, that it's hard to break down….”Wounded Knee” has a wonderful flair and historical value that is a quintessential folk song. This particular recording includes an absolutely mesmerizing flute part… --William A. Huffman, Jam Music Magazine

Country Matters: The songs themselves make you listen. The words fit the music, and the package strikes the listener about halfway between the eardrum and the cerebral cortex. You don't dispose of this stuff, you install it like a new appliance. It's something to be lived with…..Country Matters is flat out the best record to come from the northeast in at least two years. --Benny Green, Face Magazine

Tenants in Common: If they ever elect a poet laureate for the Granite State , I'm voting for John Perrault I know he's a singer. But he sings poems….There's a moving ballad called "Sonny's Back" about a man returning from Vietnam who finds his family life shot to hell. The clipped dialogue between Sonny Field and his wife Lucina plays against Perrault's soft painting of their world. The story-song lasts seven and a half minutes. Perrault is in no hurry. --J. Dennis Robinson Rockingham Gazette

New Hampshire: The best song on John Perrault's New Hampshire album is "The Ballad of Louis Wagner," a nine minute epic of greed, betrayal, and murder that ranges from a Portsmouth fishermen's bar across wintry seas to the Isles of Shoals…..Poetry is at the heart of Perrault's music, (and) like all good poetry, the album reveals new and deeper meanings and dimension with each play. --Joel Brown, Sweet Potato

Thief in the Night: Thief in the Night (Philo/Fretless): From the easy rolling country music of "Rolling into Burlington " to the hard-to-keep still, foot tapping sound of "Rock and Root" and "Automobile Blues," the musician comes alive…and the title song, "Thief in the Night," speaks with the poetic richness of Perrault the poet. —Katrina Richardson, Concord Monitor

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Listen to selected original ballads from John's recordings: "Chocorua," "Sonny's Back," "Ballad of the Squalus," "Wounded Knee," "Lucky Jim," and "Ballad of Louis Wagner."
Listen to various original ballads by John Perrault, including "Sonny's Back" and "The Ballad of Louis Wagner."

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PO Box 329
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Music - Folk
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Humanities - General
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Artist (Individual)
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New England Poetry Club, NH Writer's Project, NH Poetry Society, ASCAP
Lyric Magazine "Virginia Prize" for "Berry's Stone," 1989; Crossroads Mag., "Finalist" for CD "Rough Cuts," 1998; Portsmouth Poet Laureate 2003-2005; Finalist 2007 Comstock Review Poetry Contest; Boyle/Farber Award, New England Poetry Club 2008.

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For small settings such as class rooms, libraries and historical societies, I generally only require a glass of water. For large rooms, a sound system, two mike stands and two mikes--plus the water.
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New Hampshire
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Arts Integration - English Language / Literacy
Arts Integration - History and Social Science
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Elementary School-age
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