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John Douglas

Douglas began looking through the viewfinder more than fifty years ago, making films in Mississippi, and during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and then in North Vietnam in 1969 with Newsreel... and the list goes on. He has continued work in film, video, computer modeling and animation, and most recently digital photography. He has struggled to bring the world about us into a clearer focus... trying to expose the social and economic contradictions that plague our lives... perhaps making the choices for change clearer and more pressing.( for more information: & &  ) After a little art and architecture at harvard, and then the army, douglas went to mississppi to make a movie. then, in the late sixties, went to N.Vietnam with Newsreel and made the film, "Peoples War".  last film, "Grenada: the future coming towards us" was a history of the Grenadian revolution. he moved to Vermont in the mid 80's , where he began his digital work in both 3D modeling - animation and digital prints . he has had some success. John Douglas moved to Vermont in the late 1960s, he is now living in Charlotte. He is still known and revered in many international film circles for his 1960s and early ‘70s collaborative work with the innovative activist documentary filmmakers the Newsreel Group. His personal and political work reflect that world view with clarity, integrity, and vigor. - Steve Bissette

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Filmmaker, CGI animation & stills and Photography
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177 S Prospect St
Burlington, VT 05401
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Media - Digital
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Media - Animation
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General Public
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Artist (Individual)
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2 years of Harvard (enough) 1961
GSD (a week or so) Museum School & SFAA
1st Prize American Film Festival 1965
Critics Choice Cannes Film Festival 1975
1st Prize AT&T International Animation Festival 1995
Bessie Award 2005 and...