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InoraBrass first played together in 2012 as part of a music composition mentoring program. They had such good chemistry and had so much fun they decided to incorporate and start playing concerts. Amongst the five players they have more than a century of experience playing lots of kinds of music in venues all over the world: the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Japan, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Cuba, and throughout South America. Classical, jazz, rock, country, Christian, even ska. Two started their professional orchestral careers in Mexico.  A different pair met over 30 years ago playing in a wind ensemble that went all over the country performing on a barge. Two are native Vermonters, two are Grammy winners. Three have traveled all over Vermont together to play for hundreds of elementary school students. Members of InoraBrass have played with the Nashville Symphony, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Phish, the Vermont Symphony, Itzhak Perlman, Taylor Swift, Robert Shaw, James Taylor, Gustavo Dudamel, for 5 U.S. presidents and many other dignitaries in the U.S. and abroad. They have played at a farm stand, in classrooms, libraries, prisons, on beaches, on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and at a Jiffy Lube. For one of the best conductors in the world and at least one of the worst. InoraBrass is 2/5 female, which hardly ever happens in a brass group! They chose the name Inora because it means "Goddess of the Mountain Snow." All 5 love mountains and snow. Early in the group's history they took on alter egos...The trumpet players are a Lord and a Prince, the tuba player is a Wizard, the trombone player a Queen, the horn player a Goddess. These personas might make them play better... They for sure help them get along better and have more fun in rehearsal! Currently InoraBrass members perform and teach extensively throughout New England and Northern New York. Inora’s debut concert in August 2014 “wowed” Seven Days reviewer Amy Lilly with a “sonorous wall of blown sound.” In sharing their artistry through live performances and music education, InoraBrass celebrates the parallel between the majesty of brass music and the natural beauty of Vermont and Northern New York.


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