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Hanna Satterlee

Hanna Satterlee is a nest-elligible choreographer, dancer, performer and director currently based in Burlington, Vermont. 

My goal as a dance ambassador is to bring movement to communities, places and spaces in an untraditional manner, so that more people who may otherwise not have access are able to enjoy this art form. Simultaneously I use dance to encourage my viewers to become more aware of their own bodies and physical presence. It has been proven by my own audiences, that their personal physical experience is actually heightened, altered and positively affected by watching movement and dance.



Performed in 2019 as a 9 minute duet work for the stage, with live sound and projected light for shadow imagery. Continuation of the work has produced 3 short film reels to use for promotion of the upcoming premiere, to be performed in Burlington VT 2021. The immersive premiere will feature five performers, original sound and costume design, and projection of images of water and ice from diverse locations around the world. Float explores the brain's condition of going offline during times of immediate or chronic stress. A meditation on the feeling of conflicted presence.




Disapearing Forest A solo work Choreographed and Performed by: Hanna Satterlee Disapearing Forest is a conceptual meditation on perception, and a tribute to the intelligence of forests and trees. While moving continuously through set material, Hanna engages the felt sense, what is underneath the stage, who is in the wings, what particles are filling the air, to allow her proprioceptive intuition to converse with her surroundings. By feeling into more than her muscle memory or practiced body, the movement's pathway, direction, speed and texture will take on a new relationship in each performance.  This solo performance can be, and has been, adapted for a group performance project, titled Traveling Trees. Traveling Trees is an intergenerational site-specific six week generative course that culminates in a public performance. Participants from any walk of life can join the project as a performer. 




Film and Dance collaboration with Dylan Mclaughlin






How do we carry information? How do we process events that are happening, or unfolding? What does memory force us to believe?  Is there a threshold of when a woman becomes un-hearable? What can we say or how can we move to present a lasting impact? Who hears us? Who sees us? Why and when is what we wish to convey understood or misinterpreted? What is true?

Sound, movement and performance artists Delaney McDonough (Maine), Hanna Satterlee (Vermont), and Caitlin Scholl (Maine) have joined together in a two-state collaboration to discover their relationship to action/reaction, silence and sound. In Voice and Vessel this interdisciplinary dance-based trio are creating a moving tableau that uncovers how we visually, sonically, physically voice and express in different ways, and how we each uniquely carry information in the vessels of our minds and bodies.

Voice and Vessel was supported by a 2017 SEED Grant from the Vermont Performance Lab, in partnership with Montreal’s Studio 303 . The residences at VPL and 303 were supported with funding from the Vermont Community Foundation, the New England Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support was received from South Portland ME’s Studio 408 and Burlington VT’s Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.





Shifting from live performance on the stage to combine dance and film for the screen, I have just released a series of three short films, titled "Seasonal Dance Poems." Highlighting exquisite Vermont locations, vistas and amazing weather phenomenas, one seasonal dance poem was reated in the fall, one in winter and the last in spring. 

Each short film, running approx 3 minutes, was released on its own like a commercial, both on Vermont community access/local television channels as well as through online media. Now, the three dance poems will together create an abstract triptych, and will be submitted for film festivals, and presented online as a dance film series.

This project was made possible from a Vermont Arts Council/National Endowment for the Arts Creation Grant, a Goddard College Alumni Arts Grant, a Montpelier Community Fund Arts Grant and a New England Foundation For the Arts/New England Dance Fund Grant.





At the start of August 2013, I began to direct an evolving multidisciplinary work, ANIMAL, which is now the product of more than two years of collaboration and performance with dancers, filmmakers, musicians and site-specific locations. ANIMAL is a choreographic exploration of instinctual response, spatial awareness, pack behavior, and the pre-verbal creature that inhabits the human body. Emerging from an impulse to heighten the visceral, abandon narrative, and empower the primal moving body, ANIMAL has become a vocabulary of various abstract compositions, that are arranged, rearranged and woven together to create a cohesive work tailored to each specific venue or performance event. The choreography was developed over two years through a series of “draft” performances in varied indoor and outdoor environments, followed by public dialog, Authentic Movement exercises, and research into the physiology of non-human bodies.

The work has been presented outdoors in the falling snow, the pouring summer rain, and on leaf-filled ground in the dark woods.

The work has also been shared on stages and in studios, with varying casts and guest performers.

The final outcome is an interdisciplinary performance that places Hanna Satterlee’s choreography within a series of immersive compositions, digitally reconstituted from the raw utterances of field recordings and handmade instruments by sound artists Sean Clute and Otto Muller, and in dialog with the environmental video work of Lukas Huffman, a film director who captures the kinetics of natural spaces, moving seamlessly between the miniscule and meteorological scales.

The work is designed to be re-worked and presented in new formats and collaborations. Depending on the project or performance, dance material from ANIMAL can be tailored to outdoor or gallery venues, as durational images or interactive installations. 

ANIMAL was supported by an artistic residency at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio in Montpelier, Vermont, a creation grant from the Vermont Arts Council/National Endowment for the Arts, an arts grant from the Montpelier Community Arts Fund, and generous donations from individual donors throughout VT and the US.



I Have Worked With

  • November 2017

    Core performer in Murmuration Dance's site specific immersive performance "When Women Were Birds," Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne Vermont, 2017.

    Currently in rehearsal for a 2019  site specific immersive performance titled "Skeleton Woman."

  • September 2016

    ·      Began as a founding Vermont company member in 2010.

    Performer/collaborator in “[radical] signs of life,” at EMPAC (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY): a  multi-media performance using the Xth sense technology. “[radical]” was modified for performances at Shelburne Farms’ “Mini Maker’s Faire,” and Dibdon Theater at Johnson State College (VT).

    ·       Performer in Double Vision repertoire at CD&FS and The Phantom Theater (VT), the RAW Festival (NY, NY), and during the DanceFest Vermont! performance at the Spruce Peak performing arts center, Stowe Vermont. 

    * Hired for new performance September 2016 in Burlington Vermont

  • September 2016

    Perofrmer in "Between Land and Water," a site specific performance at Burlington Vermont's waterfront, with over 40 performers creating a multi-sensory experience of the lake and the Sailing Center.


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19 Rose Street #2
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Vermont Dance Alliance
Vinyasa Yoga Certification, Laughing Lotus Yoga School, San Francisco CA
BA in Dance & Psychology with a concentration in Dance Therapy, Goucher College
MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Goddard College
New Arts Space Assistant Grant, The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington Vermont. 2009
Project Grant, through fiscal sponsor "Montpelier Alive" Vermont Arts Council, 2012-13
Creation Grant, Vermont Arts Council, 2013-14, 2016
Artist Development Grant, Vermont Arts Council 2014, 2018
Phi Beta Kappa, Goucher College, 2006
ATLAS participant, Impulstanz international dance festival, Vienna Austria, 2015
Artist in Residence, Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio, Montpelier Vermont, 2010-present
Artist in Residence, The Garage, San Francisco CA, 2007-2010
New England Dance Fund Grantee/Alum Network
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