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Hello, thank you for visiting my Creative Ground profile.  

My name is Nicholas Trahan, also known as GeNreal. I am a Hip Hop producer and performer, writer, DJ , roadie as well as the founder of my own media company Dream Machine Media. I attended McNally Smith College of Music on a full scholarship. I was part of General Mills viral marketing campaign "Watch the Stove", contributing an original piece as well as producing a second track for the project. The campaign was an overnight success, gaining millions of views on the internet, reaching the top trending topic on twitter for 2 days, thus revitalizing General Mills product line and company profile in the eyes of youth. After gradutaing with a diploma in Hip Hop studies I was quickly hired by some of the most reputable media companies and record labels in Minnesota. Names like Soul Tools Entertainment, FIX Records, The Current, Rhymesayers Entertainment and Morningside Films just to name a few. I still work for many of these entities and travel the country frequently to do so.

Through working for these entities I learned the importance of artists working in the classroom, especially classrooms close to home. My life was immensely changed for the better after discovering a place where I could harbor my creative passsions in a productive way; and since my personal success in the industry it has been my goal to provide the same type of opportunities for North Country youth.

Through my personal work as well as working with Music to Life I aim to provide contemporary art opportunities and resources for the North Countries at risk youth. Through open studio workshops we could teach youth specialty skills that could then be used to begin portfolios and resumes ,giving them a head start for their future in the arts. It also provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable mentorship from industry professionals outside of a classroom setting. Topics like confidence, time management, mental health, public speaking, inclusivity, team work and passion can usually arise in the practice of artistic disciplines.

I aim to be an advocate for Hip Hop music in the North Country, both as a practicioner of the art and as an instructor. Hip Hop music can be just as meaningful and beneficial to at risk students as any other art form. It simply requires proper mentorship, guidance,education and patience just like any other art form.


I Have Worked With

  • August 2015

    I have released over 5 projects with Minneapolis rising star hip hop artists Spencer and Jacob Virden. After meeting the two of them through my work with Soul Tools Entertainment, we immediately bonded and began to make music together. 

    The two are highly acclaimed working with groups like ISelfDivine, Toki Wright and Audio Perm just to name a few. 

  • July 2015

    Toki is one of my closest friends, and he is the single most influential person in my career. Toki hired me to work for his media company Soul Tools Entertainment where I learned how to be an assistant, run a camera, stage manage, do promotional materials, organize my own shows, produce etc

    Toki Wright is one of the most highly regarded Hip Hop Artist Educators to this day. He currently is the administrative Chair at Berklee College of Music in Boston and has numerous accolades in the music industry. 

    I am blessed to call him my friend. I owe Toki more than I could ever convey through text. If it wasnt for Toki I dont know what I would be doing in life.

  • June 2015

    Zach was an instructor of mine at McNally Smith. He was incredibly influential in the Minneapolis Hip Hop scene for his work in Big Quarters; a legendary group started by him and his brother Brandon Baggasson. Aside from his accolades in the industry he was also one of the best teachers Ive ever been lucky enough to study under. He was always calm, would give extra time, and was understanding to alot of the troubles that are specific to Hip Hop proucers. 

    He helped me refine my style, he gave me many useful tips I still use to this day. He also gave me an opportunity teaching in the McNally Smith College of Music Summer Workshops Hip Hop section. Here my love for teaching with art was further solidified.

    He also recorded an album for me and my partner Spencer Virden at his legendary "Woodgrain" studio in Minneapolis.

    Again the amount of love and respect I have for all of my mentors can not be conveyed within a few paragraphs. They made me who I am today and I am infinetly grateful.


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Arts Integration - Health
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Hip Hop Studies Diploma
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