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Gail N. Herman

Dr. Gail N. Herman is a professional storyteller and consultant for students and teachers.  She teachers "Storytelling, Mime, and Movement:  Making Learning Kinesthetic and Creative" at the University of Connecticut's Confratute Summer conference/institute on innovative education.  Her PhD is in Curriculum and Instruction and Talent Development from UConn.  Her interests include bringing the arts into schools in order to more fully reach students with kinesthetic and spatial, musical and artistic strengths in learning.  In order to bring the storytelling arts to the community she performs regularly in schools, libraries, and civic organizations; she also conducts workshops for teachers, librarians, and interested businesses.  

Over 1,000 students have benefitted from Gail's residencies integrating either storytelling or the movement arts in reading, literature and poetry, science and social studies.  Gail designs the residency to suit the teachers' students needs and the Core.  

Gail has taught storytelling and kinesthetic learning courses for Lesley University, early childhood and speech courses for Garrett College, gifted and talented and education courses at Frostburg State and West Virginia State Universities.  For 8 years she presented workshops in Kinetic Energy in the Visual Arts for Dr. Renee Sandell's Art Education class aat George Mason University and for Maryland Institute College of Art.   

Gail is the author and co-author of three books:  

1. Storytelling: A Triad in the Arts,  2. Kinetic Kaleidoscope: Exxploring Movement and Energy in Visual Arts, and 3. Mischievous Martha: New York City Wanderings, Foster Care, and Orphanage Life.  

She also wrote many chapters and articles in books and journals.  She was director of the Oral History Project entitled Coal Talk: Dialogues with Western Maryland Coal Communities, which is housed in Garrett College, Maryland.


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  • In the 80's I worked for the Creative Arts in Education Program at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Waterford, CT. I was hired to give workshops and performances in schools and libraries in the performing art forms of creative movement, storytelling, and creative dramatics.  

    Another Connecticut artists' organization I worked for during the 80's was the Traveling Artists and Performance Company.

  • Starting in 1986, I began to work as an Adjunct Faculty member in Storytelling, Kinesthetic Learning, and Drama in the Creative Arts in Education Program.  I taught graduate courses for teachers in MO, WI, CO, NV, WY, WA, MT, SC, GA and UT.  I taught many courses in the 90's and 2000's until 2010 when I moved.


  • In the 90's and 2000's till 2012, I received grants from the Maryland State Arts Council to help pay for my work as a Performing Artist. Various Maryland county Arts Councils also  hired me to perform in schools or give workshops on the Allegany Arts Bus.   For example, the names of two residencies for middle school were "Stories with Mime and Sound Effects" and "The Math Talent Show" for PTA,  PTO audiences.  Another of my favorites was a 2nd grade class who danced my story about the Frogs and the Talent Show.

     I taught storytelling and mime classes throughout Eastern and Western Maryland to students who gave peformances at the end of the residencies. For early childhood and elementary students I performed folktales with spoken word and with puppets or folk percussion musical sound effects.  I also performed family stories called "Tales of Mischievous Martha" for elementary and middle schools.  For high school students, the created their own personal stories and had actor friends perform them while others played guitar, drums, or flute interludes.

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Storyteller and Movement Arts
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11 Russell Lane
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11 Russell Lane
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Theater - Storytelling
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Dance - General
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National Association for the Education of Young Children
National Association for the Education of Gifted Children
Mid-Atlantic Oral History Association, Life Member
Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students
League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling
Connecticut Storytelling Center
DKG Education Service Association
PhD University of Connecticut, Education, C & I, Talent Development
MA University of Massachusetts, Speech & Theater
MEd Univ. of Massachusetts, Aesthetics in Education
BA Paterson State College, Education, N-8
Storytelling, Second Place, E. Sandwich Library
Woman of the Year, Garrett County 2010

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