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The Devine-Nix Duo

Chris Devine and Michael Nix, are long time members of the Pioneer Consort, known for virtuosic, high energy performances of music that morphs and blends genres from classical, jazz, folk, bluegrass and international in quirky, captivating arrangements.  Now these two innovative multi-instrumentalists are working on a new project of “Bach Re-imagined”.  Baroque music takes on new perspectives when filtered through the imaginative arrangements and combinations of Chris Devine’s violin, viola, and mandolin, and Michael Nix’s classical guitar, and self desiged seven-string Banjar.   Complimenting Bach will be Italian mandolin music by Calace and Gervasio, Irish music by O’Carolan, Brazilian Choro, and multi-genre original compositions.

 Devine and Nix bring together decades of international concert touring, recording, and composing in many genres. They are founding members of world chamber music trio The Pioneer Consort performing energetic and entertaining music for violin, guitar, mandolin, and the Banjar--a seven string classical banjo. Their repertoire features virtuoso arrangements of traditional classical music, a world tour of musical traditions from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Russia, American banjo music, vintage jazz, and multi-genre original compositions.

"Felicitous music making… radiant… subtle…" Joseph Marcello, The Recorder

“Lively, full of energy, high octane; the spirit is infectious...” Marvin J. Ward, Classical Voice of New England

Chris Devine is a musician of diverse talents, performing on electric and acoustic violin, mandolin, guitar, flute, saxophone, and keyboard. He studied with internationally known concert violinist Julian Olevsky. As a session musician he has appeared on over 100 CDs in many different styles of music, including classical, jazz, pop, country, and folk. Chris toured Europe and Russia as a featured soloist with Blackmore's Night, starring the influential guitarist Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple, and also appeared on their gold CD "Fires at Midnight".

Michael Nix has performed traditional classical repertoire, new classical, and original music on guitar, lute, banjo and mandolin, in concert halls throughout the United States and Asia. He has composed solo music, songs, chamber music, symphonic works, electronic music, and opera. Nix designed the seven-string Banjar, combining elements of the classical five-string banjo, the lute and the classical guitar.

Additional Links: 
The Devine-Nix Duo perform the D major section of the Chaconne by J.S. Bach in a Latin Jazz style
The Devine-Nix Duo perform "Pretensioso" a Brazilian Choro
The Devine-Nix Duo perform Prelude Cello Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach, violin and Banjar, a seven string classical Banjo
The Devine-Nix Duo perform Barton Cove by Michael Nix, viola and the Banjar - a seven string classical banjo
The Devine-Nix Duo perform Sarabande and Double, Bm Violin Partita by J.S. Bach, mandolin and classical guitar
The Devine-Nix Duo perform Nao me Toques (Choro) by Abreu, mandolin and guitar

I Have Worked With

  • July 2016

    2016 SUMMER

    Old Deerfield Sunday Afternoon Concert Series
    Beautiful chamber music performed in the lovely Victorian setting of Memorial Hall Museum’s Music Room—newly renovated and air-conditioned—at 3 p.m. on Sundays July 3rd through August 28th, 2016

  • June 2016

    Loomis Village Concert Series performance.

  • February 2016

    Tuesday Morning Music Club concert series performance.



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Please view the tech sheet and stage pdf at
Size of Group: Two
Space Requirements: Devine - Nix performs a program requiring space for two musicians standing and seated. At times they will use a small guitar amplifier, or a PA system.
Set Up and Rehearsal Requirements: Space: 8’ x 8’ set up space at minimum.
Sponsor should provide two (2) chairs with flat seats and no arms set at a height of 19” from the floor. We may elect to use tall stools.
-If PA is provided: PA: 2 vocal mics , 3 highest quality instrument mics suitable for violin/mandolin, guitar/banjo.
Each performer will have a vocal mic. The guitarist will each have 1 instrument mic, and the violinist will have two, one positioned for violin, and one positioned for mandolin.
-If Devine - Nix provides sound reinforcement, one (1) 120 volt 20 amp source at the site will be needed for the sound system.
Lighting: -General warm to neutral stage lighting, sufficient to read music.
Set up time: -Set up time is 1 to 1.5 hours.
-If Sponsor provides PA a sound check of 30 min. will be added to set up time.
-If The Pioneer Consort provides sound reinforcement please allow 1 hour for set up and warm up time. (Shorter set ups are possible for festival and First Night settings if we can work with your tech people ahead of time.)
Devine - Nix would like to offer recordings, books and scores, DVD’s, and art reproductions for sale at the performances. This will require a small table in a suitable public place-lobby or rear of concert hall. NixWorks can provide the table if necessary
Dressing Room -One (1) room must be secure while performers are on stage. Must be within easy access to washroom facilities. Temperature of room should be from 68-72 degrees.
Food and Drink -Two 12 oz. bottles of bottled spring water, and two cups of hot herbal (non caffeinated) tea, and hot caffeinated coffee should be available in the dressing room. -(Optional) A light sandwich fare (turkey) should be available.
Lodging (Optional) -Lodging and breakfast may be provided by sponsor at times. Lodging may be in a hotel/motel, or a room provided by the sponsor, with access to a hot shower.
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