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REX BRASHER, an artist and naturalist who lived here at the turn of the 20th century, had a singular lifelong goal: to paint every species and subspecies of bird in North America.

The result was nearly 900 paintings depicting 3,000 birds, a collection worth millions that has been sequestered from the public. A few of the paintings are in private homes, but 874 of them are in storage boxes at the University of Connecticut.

A new nonprofit group is hoping to change that. Led by Mr. Brasher’s great-nieces, Deborah and Melode Brasher (pronounced BRAY-sher), and a longtime fan of the artist’s, Karen Chase, the group is working to establish a new museum here on the grounds of the Sloane Stanley Museum dedicated to Mr. Brasher and another ardent environmentalist, the 19th-century arborist Birdsey Grant Northrop.

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