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Audrina Bell Warren

Audrina Warren is an urban civic-creative partner striving to redirect common views of status and success, her art practice references the history of industry, material fulfillment and marketable satisfaction.

Audrina’s service to the community seeks to solve problems of accessibility, strengthen economic capacity through development of diverse opportunities, and invent frameworks for engaging communities; an emergent focus is developing sustainable homes for working artists-neighbors. Volunteering with civic and community organizations has revealed the value inherent in creative public action, and ways to amplify and reclaim cultural synergy.

In 2009, Audrina joined Proof Gallery (South Boston), of which she is currently Assistant Director. She is a member of the cooperatively organized Atlantic Works Gallery (East Boston). Since 2011 she has served on the Board of the Eagle Hill Civic Association, the Steering Committee of HarborArts Shipyard Gallery, and as a Big Sister mentor to a Boston Arts Academy alumna now at Mass College of Art.

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Interdisciplinary Arts
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Boston, MA 02128
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Visual/Crafts - Experimental
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Design - Urban / Metropolitan
Visual/Crafts - Illustration / Drawing
Visual/Crafts - Painting
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Artist (Individual)
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Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism
Consulting - Curatorial Services
Residency - Community