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A while back I inherited my father's World War II army foot locker.  It turned out to contain hundreds of letters and other documents from the years 1942-1947, when my father was first in the Army and then worked with displaced persons in postwar Europe.  From a selection of these letters I have created "This Business of Fighting", an oral story focusing on his time with a combat unit in the European Theater.  It portrays a young man dealing with everything from raw fear to his role as a leader to his encounter with a world wider and more brutal than anything he had known.

Effective for audiences from teenagers on up.  It runs about 45 minutes, and can be followed by questions and discussion - which often gets quite lively. 


A powerful story, an empathic point of view - I really appreciated that it informed me of military operations realistically and did not deny or dramatize the human fear, neither did it preach a specific point of view.  Its honest perspective helps me have a broader understanding of what a person who does military service goes through. War is awful and to loose sight of the pride in those who serve ... your story brings out that need in a loving and human way" --listener from Fairfield, CT

Once again, great presentation t-other night.  You do your father - & history - great honor.- Bruce Marcus, Features Coordinator, the Story Space, Cambridge, MA.

What a remarkable man he clearly was, in his down-to-earth ("Helluva!") way--sociable, and yet very introspective and curious, too....a gripping page-turner...In the browsing I'd done in soldiers' letters, I'd been struck by the conflict between a desire to send reassurance and the need to share often chaotic and frightening or disturbing experiences; as you commented, your father's letters dramatize that conflict deeply, and even comment on it themselves - Professor Jill Campbell Yale University (The letters were used in one of her courses). 




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