Rhode Island
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Anna Highsmith at Dot Dot Workshop

My work is about texture, pattern, touch, and contrast. I roll stoneware clay into soft, flexible slabs, and then cut and wrap and bend and stretch those slabs into pots: mugs, cups, bowls, and plates. Each pot is made by my own hands, and the marks of texture and pattern are a record of my movements and decisions as I work. My mind, my hands and the material are my essential tools. When the pots are finished, I send them out into the world, to be discovered and handled by people who investigate the choices I've made with their own eyes and fingers. Each piece of my work strings a silent, intimate through-line from my studio through the public realm, into someone's else's home and daily life. I see my pots primarily as tangible tenderness delivery vessels. As an introvert who loves humans, but usually in small, infrequent doses, I find this a very satisfying arrangement.

I Have Worked With

  • January 2006 to April 2017

    Studio member, instructor, collaboration on original works, floor mopping, coffee making

  • March 2015

    Collaborated on original works, commission of original works

  • September 2013

    Demonstrated studio practice as part of the Locally Made exhibit.


  • Artist

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27 Colonial Rd
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Visual/Crafts - Ceramics
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Visual/Crafts - Clay
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Artist (Individual)
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RISD Industrial Design BFA 1997

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