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Andy Volpe: Art & History – Andy is a Living Historian and Fine Artist in the Central Massachusetts area. Best known for his Roman Legionary presentation, which he designed and developed in 2001 at the former Higgins Armory Museum (now part of Worcester Art Museum, where he still presents); and has been bringing to area schools, colleges, libraries and museums since 2004. The Roman program incorporates STEAM/STEM, Archaeology/Experimental Archaeology, Epigraphy, Historical research and reconstruction aspects, with replicas of archaeological artifacts (and even some actual artifacts) that students have a chance to handle/try-on. The program gives a brief synopsis of the Roman soldier in the 1st Century AD/CE, arms & armor, combat and daily life; parallels (Massachusetts) Curriculum topics.

He also offers programs on the “Old Master” Artists of Europe and early Colonial America and their techniques with a powerpoint presentation and/or a live demonstration, which can be made into a hands-on workshop. Techniques offered are Metalpoint, pen/quill, and chalk drawing (1200s-1600s), and Intaglio Printmaking [engraving, etching, drypoint, 1450s - 1800). There is an option for Andy to bring a portable printing press and print “live” with student participation. Advanced notice and planning is needed. Artists discussed include Cennini, Vasari, Durer, Da Vinci, Goltzius, Rembrandt, Piranesi, Revere, to name a few. In development is a Colonial/Revolutionary War period view of the works of Revere and others and how it impacted Massachusetts and the British Colonies. Curriculum topics incorporate Art/Fine Arts, Art History, Art Appreciation, History, Archaeology, Historical Research. Not only does Andy research the techniques of the Old Masters, utilizing surviving instructional treatises, he also uses the very same techniques in his own artwork. Andy is also available for general Artist workshops in drawing, fine arts/studio arts, and in art history/art appreciation. Geographical areas covered are Southern New England, but can travel up to apx 130 miles from Worcester area, Massachusetts, but he is certainly open to discussion on further distances, etc.

Since 2010, he has worked with the Printing Office of Edes & Gill in Faneuil Hall, Boston, replicating the engravings of Paul Revere and other notable 18th century prints; and also works with the Museum of Printing in Haverhill.


Additionally, Andy has a number of ZOOM / ONLINE and Pre-recorded/YouTube videos and slide lectures available:

Roman Legionary (As with the Live In-Person program, but with more emphasis on previous submitted Questions sent in my students/classes

Roman Writing Systems - (recorded, can have a followup Q&A Zoom session) - Looking at Roman writing systems like the wax tablet, papyrus, ostraca, etc

Medieval / Renaissance Artist (as with the live in-person program, can be done "podcast style" or as a Q&A Zoom session)

"Printing In Early Colonial New England" - Zoom slide lecture that looks at the Printing press, Engraving printing, and how it developed in the New England Colonies 1630s - 1790s

"Re-Engraving Paul Revere / Replicating the Boston Massacre" - Zoom slide lecture, taking at look at Andy's project to replicate an exact size copy of Revere's "Boston Massacre" plate for the 250th Anniversary in 2020.  His is one of the only hand-engraved replicas since the 1830s.

"Pressed Into Service: The Printing Press in War"  (Zoom or Live Lecture, In Development)

"Dangerous Printers / Printing Up Trouble" (Zoom or Live Lecture, In Development)

"Birds in Print"  (Zoom or Live Lecture, In Development)


I Have Worked With

  • June 2021

    Live, In-Person Lectures on Printing History:

    1. The Klein Collection, 6/12/2021, slide-lecture about my initial findings working on collating the late Dr. Arthur Klein collection of prints, dating mostly between 1530 - 1710, including leaves from the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493 and numerous pages from Diderot's Encyclopedia ca 1750s.  Research and curating is ongoing, for a prospective exhibition in September 2021.

    2. Reengraving Paul Revere: Replicating the Boston Massacre, 6/19/2021, slide-lecture about my exact-sized, hand-engraved copperplate replica of Revere's Boston Massacre, for the 250th Anniversary commemorative events in March 2020.  Included in the presentation and currently available in the Museum's gift shop, a special hand-colored variant limited edition set of prints.

    More Printing history presentations are in consideration & development.

  • March 2021

    Online Zoom slide lecture presentation "Printing in Early Colonial New England"

    Which took a look at the Printing Press and Engraving printing as it was established in Colonial New England 1630s - 1790s, and the differences between Letterpress printing and Engraving printing, the impact of the Presses (and the troubles they caused).  Some other elements on "what to look for" when looking at period prints and books, and a Q&A Session.  Program was apx. 45 minutes, 1 hour total.

  • November 2020

    Online / Pre-Recorded a Roman Legionary arms & armor presentation for Adult program viewers. Library members were given a limited time viewing of a pre-recorded presentation looking at the arms & armor of the Roman Legionary soldier ca 30BCE and 60AD/CE.  Video was uploaded to the Library for them to use for the availble date & time.


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