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Andrew Haviland Original Works

Inspired by the sea,

My jewelry pays homage to the incredible adaptation of fragile organisms. Carved from wax then hand cast in brass, silver, and gold, my work is as strong and mysterious as that which inspires its creation.

All Andrew Haviland Original Works are designed and crafted to last a lifetime. Created and finished by hand every piece has natural variations based on the filing, sanding, polishing, and patina. Every little detail is evidence of the handmade process.

My most celebrated line of work, Crustacea Cirripedia, is inspired by the aesthetics of marine biology especially barnacles. Barnacles build their homes of calcium carbonate to withstand drastic changes in temperature, humidity and physical agitation. I create my Crustacea Cirripedia jewelry in order to pay homage to their solidarity and to remind myself of my upbringing on the coast of Maine.

I offer one time free sizing for all retail purchases and custom one of kind designs upon request. All of my pieces have the option to have diamonds and gemstones set into them.

And-How Jewelry are simple, timeless pieces that remind the wearer of the calming sound of waves, inspiring beauty of nature and humbling mysteries of the sea.

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