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Alexis Kamitses

Alexis Kamitses is a dance and movement educator and performer living in Burlington Vermont. Alexis has a BA in Biology, Environmental Studies, and Dance, from Oberlin College as well as a Masters in Teaching from The University of Vermont.  She holds teaching licenses in Science and Dance for Secondary Education and currently runs a dance program for high school students at BFA in St. Albans.  Alexis teaches dance technique in modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, African, and Latin dance forms as well as skills in improvisation and choreography.  She has an extensive background in yoga and pilates. Alexis uses dance and movement to promote body awareness and health, self esteem, and collaboration. Alexis has worked with students of all ages and abilities from K-12 as well as adults.  Alexis has extensive experience in arts integration, and dance videography.

As an educator, she has a passion for integrating movement learning strategies to support student achievement in areas such as math, science, literature, and social studies and helped design a teacher training program to help classroom teachers integrate movement and dance into their curriculum.  Alexis has a passion for working with dance and multi cultural themes and has traveled and studied dance around the world including Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Carribean. As a lifelong learner herself she believes that dance can be a gateway to expanding learning throughout one's lifetime, no matter what the learning challenges of the individual.  Dance can be a gateway to integrating segregated communities, building awareness, and bringing joy back into excercise. 

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