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Alex Cook - Stonebalancer Murals

I have been painting murals since 1997. I have seen since the very first mural I ever painted that in this medium I have the power to reach a broad audience with my best, most beautiful, tender, expansive ideas. I thrive in the social, public aspect of art. I work to serve basic human goodness and progress by making pictures that comfort, inspire, and bring about experiences of wonder. My images are often based in nature, animals, narrative, and mysterious storytelling. I have always felt good that my visual lexicon is largely very accessible to most people. I want my work to be easy to feel. Simple things like grandeur, stillness, purity, etc., are where my focus is. My work always has a spiritual element to it - a desire to reach people in their intimate thoughts and help them feel that life has riches and safety that can be found. 

I have made over 120 murals in the US and abroad. They are in 15 states as well as Nigeria, Kenya, Guatemala, and Canada. I have worked with countless organizations - schools, businesses, worship communities, prisons, and others to create art that enriches life, and contributes to a healthier culture. 

In 2014 I created the YOU ARE LOVED mural project. ( As such I work with organizations creating murals that say the words YOU ARE LOVED. This project has a foot in the arts and a foot in mental health and care. This project aims specifically to help change the public conversation about self worth, bullying, depression, etc. So far there are 16 of these murals in 15 states, with more coming in MA, TX, OR, and more. Fall 2016 will see the 2nd YOU ARE LOVED mural in a correctional facility, in a jail in LA. 



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This is the website of the YOU ARE LOVED mural project

I Have Worked With

  • May 2015

    I worked with staff and inmates at BSH to create a YOU ARE LOVED mural and 2 other murals in their facility.

  • January 2015

    JPNDC has commissioned 3 murals (including Welcome to Jackson Square, pictured above)

  • September 2014

    Fenway Culture commissioned a YOU ARE NEEDED mural to be created at the Opening Our Doors festival in 2014.


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