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Agustín Patiño

Agustín Patiño is a classically trained Latin American artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. Patiño studied architecture and painting at Cuenca State University in Ecuador.  Patiño specializes in portraits, landscapes, still lifes, images of the Amazonia and Cityscapes, these are all part of his magical world view.

His first solo exhibit was in his hometown of Giron/Cuenca, Ecuador at the age of fifteen, which was the beginning of his artistic career that has taken him all over the world.

Since Agustin’s early childhood he has continuously traveled through to the “Amazonia” to the jungle, to the small villages and indigenous cultures that live on the banks of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Agustin spent most of his life exploring the rivers of his small town Giron, Ecuador discovering nature, this has had a substantial part in his development as a human being.

Agustin has spent the last 5 years in a series of paintings: the first is called "Metropolis y Orillas", and the second series called Rio Amazonas.  His commitment to these two series from the beginning has been very profound his commitment is totally connected, by all the implications and impacts on human beings that exist in these environments.

Simultaneously, Agustin has been creating public art projects in form of large-scale murals with the same concept of the Metropolis and the mysteries and magic of the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands, with a real passion carried almost to obsession by the unique beauty of these ecologically unique areas of our planet.  Three of these large scale murals, the largest (160’ x 40’) are located in South Providence.

Large cities have also increasingly impacted to his artwork and become more dramatic while he researches, lives among and knows more about the aesthetics of the walls, corners, bridges, the huge skyscrapers, the corners of all that multiculturalism, languages, and races, that make creativity an extremely magical and amazing process.

“My education and my memory files have been enriched by multiple ways to my sensitivity to art and especially through the love I could find in the Amazon rivers, the endearing human beings from the aborigine’s people that are in the Amazon to city folk and also through the insects, birds. mammals, fish and everything that inhabits this wonderful and unique blue planet in which we live.   I paint the eternal silences of  time,  the rivers of water that sing and breathe life.  My screams are brush strokes of happiness and hope for a better world for all and man's eternal search; to create, in order to live in harmony and in peace."     Agustín Patiño







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