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Agustín Patiño - Muralist

Agustín Patiño was born in Giron, high in the Andes Mountains near Cuenca, Ecuador. Agustin is a classically trained artist, he works in a variety of materials and mediums  from oil painting to metal sculptures. Patiño studied architecture and painting at Universidad Estatal de Cuencaand Universidad Central de Quitoin Ecuador.  He specializes in public art, portraits, landscapes, and still life.   His first solo exhibit, at the age of fifteen, it was the beginning of his artistic career which has taken him all over the world.  


In his “Metropolis y Orillas”  Series, the “Amazonia” has been a substantial part of his pictorial proposal specifically the ecological park of Yasuni, the Amazon River tributaries, and tribes that habit these areas.  Many of these tribes like the Tagaeri, and the Taromenane have had no contact with the outside world.  Indigenous tribes like the  Waoaranis, Shuar, Kichwas, and Naporuna still inhabit and protect the Amazonia.  Agustin has seen first-hand the social justice issues in this region, and the indigenous peoples struggle to save their land from destruction.  The integration of social justice, economic and environmental issues have become an important part of his studio paintings and large-scale public art projects.


His passion for public art, is evident in his large-scale murals which are located in several countries.  Three of these murals are located in Providence.  The first mural is titled “La Plaza del Arte y la Culturas /The Plaza of Art and Cultures” it is in South Providence on the corner of Broad Street and Ontario.  The mural incorporates BIPOC people from the community in their daily lives. It also represents Mother Earth, from the north pole to the south pole with Providence at its center.  Agustin has lived in Providence for over 25 years, the diversity of the people in Rhode Island is reflected in the Plaza of Art and Cultures mural which emphasizes the valuable assets that African, African American, Latinx, Arab, Asian and Native American (ALAANA) communities bring to this country and the importance of respecting everyone’s culture. 


Mural painting has provided Agustin an extraordinary way to create awareness about environmental and social justice issues.  The murals have also brought diverse communities together.  Students from nearby after-school programs participated in the creation of mosaics that were incorporated in the design of two of the murals.  Students from both the Met School and Wheeler School have also visited the South Providence murals.  Agustin works closely with the teachers, students and community leaders, bringing cultures and neighborhoods together through artist talks, panel discussions and workshops. 


The second mural “Diálisis del Planeta/ Dialysis of the Planet” it is also located in South Providence, at the corner of Broad Street and Plenty Street.  One of the mural’s themes is the lack of clean water which is a universal concern for the survival of humans on this planet.The third mural “El Museo del Aire / The Air Museum” is located in the East Side of Providence, at the Wheeler School, this mural celebrates the power of the air and its importance in the near future. 


These murals have become an important part of the community and surrounding neighborhoods. The murals in South Providence provide people of color access to art that they can relate to and see themselves reflected in. The murals  have become the community’s museums. These murals have never been tagged since their creation instead the community has embraced, protected and cherished them.








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