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Adam Viens

I consider these works, "Depressive Realism", a term adopted from the 1970's psychological hypotheses that the depressed individual has a more accurate depiction of reality, and themselves than the non-depressed individual. What attracts me to this is not the pessimism involved, but rather the undetermined origin and paradox in such cyclical thoughts that remain reflective of life. The works are equivocal equations of human debility, layered with suggestions, associations, connotations, and self-references. Both, the way into the work, and the way out is dependent on dissection and the consequent pursuit of context clues. Much like the interpretation of a dream, one must first find their bearings in order for relationships, themes, and motifs to become apparent. If one attempts to greedily ascertain meaning in a glance they will be left with only the stale taste of formalism. I use material as metaphor and no inclusion is desultory. Similar to alchemy everyday objects and materials are combined to become consummated and transcendent. However, constant attention is called to the materiality of the art object and it's honest inabilities. The honest art object remains an analogy for the boastful, self-indulgent, yet shameful act of art-making. My interests lie in philosophical contention and the dialectic created by dichotomy (detached, controlled formalism vs personally impassioned impulse, intangible denotation vs the finite physicality of the art object, and so on). Though a work may be personally motivated in its creation and content, every work has an undeniable undertone of universality.

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Multidisciplinary Artist
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Visual/Crafts - Mixed Media
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"Art Association Award" 2013 -Manchester Community College
"Art Association Award" 2014 - Manchester Community College
"Out-standing Original Work in Psychology" 2013 - Manchester Community College
"Hans Weiss Scholarship" 2013, Manchester Community College