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Hello there!

Welcome to CreativeGround: Creative New England, online.

CreativeGround is a place for all to gain insight into the vibrant regional creative ecosystem. It is the dynamic regional directory that celebrates and reflects the vital work of artists, creatives, culture bearers, creative organizations and businesses.

If you are a New England artist/creative professional, work at a creative organization/business - or partner with creative people and places in this region - you belong on CreativeGround.

Get Listed 

by creating or claiming a free public profile for yourself or for the creative entity you represent.

And anyone - all over the world - you're encouraged to:


for a range of collaborators and resources: artists/creatives and culture bearers, from teaching artists to designers; venues like arts centers and libraries and recording studios; and supports like arts councils, makerspaces, professional guilds, and more. Discover the work they do, who they collaborate with, and the communities they engage. You can also submit edits to flag outdated information. There are many ways to begin rooting around CreativeGround: visit the Journeys page for inspiration or to share your experience.


with regional community members by messaging them through their profiles, receiving messages through your own CreativeGround profile, and contributing to conversations about New England’s creative economy.  

Promote as a way to make visible your creative community in virtual space. Share how others are using CreativeGround to recognize the vital creative work being done here in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Get Inspired 

with pro tips for how you can get the most out of CreativeGround, informed by your unique role in the New England Creative Economy.