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Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Profile

 Yellow spotlight pointing upVisibility: Share your creative activities and services visually and in your own words, making it easy for people to learn more about you. You already have a free profile, so make sure it represents you well! 

Orange circle of figures holding hands Collaboration: Celebrate your partners and build your network by listing the artists and organizations you work with and the communities you engage. 

Teal magnifying glass Connection: Update your contact information to allow site users to easily find and connect with you. Your Profile can then be used as your primary or backup website.  

Yellow light bulb Inspiration: Get counted in our map of arts and culture assets used to identify artists and organizations for grants and other opportunities – you can even send local officials and press contacts to CreativeGround to see your information with regional context. 

Orange huddle of three figures Community: Claim your CreativeGround Profile to make your local listings look good and help bring resources to artists and arts organizations who may not already have access to your services.   

Ready to update your profile?

Log in and go to Manage My Public Profiles on your Dashboard. If you'd like some help, check out our blog Breaking Ground on CreativeGround in 1-2-3 for easy steps. Happy updating!

Want to learn about what else you can do on CreativeGround? 

Dig In to learn more about the basics: 

  • Search for regional and local artists to hire for exhibits, performances, classes, and to support with funding or professional memberships. 
  • Find creative entities in a particular location, who engage specific populations, or have venues for rent.  
  • Learn about potential collaborators for programs, cross-promotion, and community advocacy. Compare options when curating or making hiring decisions. 
  • Suggest edits to profiles and help keep the data accurate for research and advocacy. 
  • Share CreativeGround listings on your website to bring resources and visibility to your creative community. 
  • Activate Your Network and promote CreativeGround by sharing communications and hosting meetings/events. 

Dig In As... pages are customized for your specific journey. While anyone can search CreativeGround to easily get connected to our region’s creative community, you can also Dig In As an artist, cultural organization, creative business, Community Leader, or Data Partner.