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Around the 'Ground - Round II, Part V: CT and ME

Posted 4/19/2024

Our CreativeGround partners help us reach and connect with creatives and creative organizations across New England in a more direct way, and we are so grateful to work together! Here's our next installment of the Around the ‘Ground series where we spotlight our partnerships a few at a time. You can catch up on Part I with NH and VTPart II with RI and MAPart III with ArtsHub of MA, and Part IV with the Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance, then check out our Q&A below with the Connecticut Office of the Arts – which recently launched its new CT Artist Directory using CreativeGround’s API – and the Maine Arts Commission.

What's one situation or setting where you shared CreativeGround with a constituent?

Shape of CT on a brown background CT: We received an inquiry from an individual who was working with a hospice patient who was interested in taking a painting class. They were specifically looking for an artist who was sensitive to healthcare situations.  We were able to run a filtered search and share a link with the results so this individual could further explore artists within their area who could provide this service to their patient.

Shape of Maine with gray background ME: As the Maine Arts Commission, we've had the pleasure of sharing CreativeGround with numerous constituents across our state. One memorable situation was during a workshop we hosted for local artists and creatives. We introduced them to CreativeGround as a valuable resource for connecting with fellow artists, organizations, and opportunities in the arts community. It was rewarding to see their excitement as they discovered new possibilities and connections through the platform.

Do you use CreativeGround in your own work? If so, how?

Shape of CT on a brown background CT: The Connecticut Office of the Arts is continually making greater use of CreativeGround. We recently launched a new website and as part of our launch, we partnered with CreativeGround. Our new website incorporates a direct API connection that pulls data directly from CreativeGround into our new CT Artist Directory. When a visitor lands on our CT Artist Directory they are seeing a filtered search of Connecticut artists and performing groups. This partnership with CreativeGround brings greater visibility to Connecticut artists and we are excited to see the database of artists throughout the state grow as a result.

Shape of Maine with gray background ME: We utilize CreativeGround in our own work because it serves as a vital tool for research and networking within Maine's vibrant arts scene. Whether we're looking for collaborators, seeking to link artists with presenters, or simply exploring the diverse range of artistic talent in our state, CreativeGround provides us with valuable insights and connections.

What's your favorite feature of the new site?

Shape of CT on a brown background CT: I love the ease of toggling between the ‘list’ and the ‘map’ when conducting a filtered search of artists and organizations. While we did not bring this feature into our CT Artist Directory, we will be encouraging users to explore and find artists on our site and to also use CreativeGround directly when a deeper search is needed or when the map feature enhances their experience.

Shape of Maine with gray background ME: One of our favorite features of the new CreativeGround site is its user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities. The ability to filter searches by location, discipline, and keywords makes it incredibly easy to find relevant information quickly. Additionally, we appreciate the comprehensive profiles that provide in-depth details about artists, organizations, and venues, allowing us to make informed decisions and connections.

NEFA frequently gets requests from people outside of New England for a searchable directory like CreativeGround. Why do you think it's important for us to have this unique resource in our region?

Shape of CT on a brown background CT: Tapping into the Connecticut arts and culture ecosystem is a valuable resource for our office.  We work closely with our counterparts across New England,  so maintaining visibility of their work and the artists and organizations they support is an added bonus, especially when we engage in partnership programs and activities.

Shape of Maine with gray background ME: We believe it's crucial to have this unique resource in our region for several reasons. Firstly, it fosters collaboration and networking among artists and organizations, strengthening our creative community and promoting cross-disciplinary partnerships. Secondly, it serves as a valuable tool for promoting and showcasing the rich cultural heritage and artistic talent present in New England. Finally, CreativeGround helps to attract visitors, tourists, and cultural enthusiasts to our region, further enhancing its reputation as a hub for creativity and innovation. We're proud to support and promote this invaluable resource and look forward to seeing it continue to enrich Maine's arts landscape for years to come.

This wraps up our Around the 'Ground spotlights on our state partners, who are crucial funding partners for all of NEFA's work in the region. Reach out to them to say thank you for their continued support of CreativeGround! And stay tuned for more Q&A's with community partners coming soon.