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Dominique Boutaud

I want to introduce myself. I am Dominique Boutaud a visual artist and passionate supporter of those with Dementia and Alzheimer Disease. I am a Certified Dementia Practitioner, OMA Certified Art Facilitator, and New Hampshire Arts in Health (AIH) Artist Directory. 

The activities I propose are to give art classes in Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisting Living Houses, as well as patient homes, using the visual arts as creativity to help those with Dementia and Alzheimer Disease.

Creativity is essential for the elderly, particularly for those with Dementia who need to be recognized, respected and believed the way they are.

Opportunities to engage in creative activities and sons lead to a decrease in the behavioral and psychological symptoms of Dementia and positively impact the quality of life for those people living with dementia.

During art classes, they are paired with volunteers engage in activities related to abstract art; they feel a sense of freedom, independence, well-being, and joy.

There is no limit to the positive impact of abstract art, with spontaneity, freedom, and endless possibilities to create with no specific rules, using different materials, textures, and colors for expression.

Abstract creation facilitates self-expression, bringing strength and positivity, along with happiness, self-confidence, inner peace, and serenity.

The final artwork allows the person with dementia to share, be connected with the outside world - family and friends - and feel proud of themselves.

Creativity is key to people living with dementia to improve the quality of their lives.

I will feel honored and extremely proud to bring well-being across art activities to people with dementia in Nursing Homes, Facilities or Assisting Living Houses.

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  • September 2018

    The Arts-Sciences-Lettres French Academic Society created in 1915, gives awards to recognize Men and Women of Value.  In 2018, I received the Diploma of Silver Medal during a beautiful ceremony in a prestigious place in Paris, France. Awarded recipients come from everywhere in the world. They could be artists, scientists, humanitarians. Many famous people like Mr. and Mrs. Curie, Commandant Cousteau,...received the award from the Society in the past.

    The Arts-Sciences-Letters Academic Society asked me during the ceremony to be their Representative in the USA.  I have accepted the mission which is to select talented artists, scientists or humanitarians to present their file to Paris to be juried to receive an award.

    I enjoy so much to do researches and meet talented persons to learn more about their passion. Usually, I spend two to three hours with each person to know them enough to ask them to present their file to Paris. They are so many very good artists in New England that I do not have the time yet to see many but as I just start, I hope that by the time, years it will be easier for me to be in touch with more talented people.

  • March 2012 to March 2018

    The Francophonie is the celebration of the French language and it is celebrated everywhere in the world during the month of March. More than 50 countries speak the French Language on the planet.

    It is always a huge pleasure for me to organize the Francophonie events during the Months of March. I like to focus the events on the Francophonie ethic which is mainly to defend the Human Rights as well as Peace among people. For me, it is so important that we can focus on the respect and acceptance of everybody in the world starting by our community.


  • September 2015 to December 2017

    I was the Art Teacher for the Elementary, Middle and High School and Pre elementary school at the 2nd Nature Academy School in Nashua, NH. 

  • Creative Business

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International Artist - Art Therapist - Certified Dementia Practitioner - Francophonie Organizator - Arts-Sciences-Lettres USA Representative
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91 Bartemus Trail
Nashua, NH 03063
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91 Bartemus Trail
Nashua, NH 03063
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Creative Business
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Visual/Crafts - General
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General Public
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Artist (Individual)
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City Arts Nashua, Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Americans for the Arts, Currier Museum of Arts, New Hampshire Institute of Arts,
Certified Dementia Practitioner, OMA Art Facilitator,
Diploma of Silver Medal from Arts-Sciences-Lettres French Academical Society and their USA representative.
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New Hampshire Arts in Healthcare Roster

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Afterschool Program
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Healthcare Facility
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Elementary School-age
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Certified Dementia Practitioner/ OMA Art Facilitator/ NH Arts in Health (AIH) Artist Directory