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My name is Brian Vigue, and I am a Maine fantasy artist, picture frame builder, graphic designer, web developer, and game programmer. I became active in art and illustration in 1992, inspired by the adventure video games of the time.

My first collection was a unique style of paintings that combined plain white T-shirts with enamel modeling paint. I still do this occasionally with other articles of clothing. My latest masterpiece, Clothespin, was painted on five pairs of ladies' underwear and was on display at the 2014 Maine Open Juried Art Show. Today its home is at The Framemakers.

Colored pencils, graphite, and digital coloring are my other mediums of choice.

I am a fantasy artist who specializes in imaginative scenes of monsters and make-believe. The graphite "draft" of "Wasteland Fish & Game", which depicts a cross between an elephant and stingray, won a blue ribbon at the 2014 Maine Open Juried Art Show.

Novels such as "Archfiend of the Universe" and "Silversilk" among others, published out of Washington and Texas houses, portray my illustration and graphic design. Samsung has also called upon me to help illustrate an encyclopedia project.

My sub-genre is pinup art, so fantasy pinups are what I'm known most for. My work has appeared in issues of Heavy Metal Magazine, and I have also been commissioned by former Playboy Playmate, Claudia Christian for a 2011 comic convention.

From 1997 to 2005 I designed promotional material for the Waterville Intown Business Association, now Waterville Main Street. I've reentered the local scene as the promotional designer for the Maine Open Juried Art Show, 2013 to present. Plus, my colored pencil rendition of "Downtown Waterville Maine" is the artwork used for the Small Business of the Year Awards until 2024.

Comic-style illustration is another one of my crafts. In 2013 the Waterville Public Library hosted a gallery containing my comic strip "Starethan". Completed in 1994, the strip occupies 18 pieces of poster board and measures 54 square feet. The original was too big for the Library wall, so a copy at half the size was displayed.

In 2014 my wife and I bought The Framemakers in Downtown Waterville. Since then I've added frame design to my repertoire. Two months after jumping into the trade, I entered my first competition with "The Mermaid's Den," a frame sculpted out of plaster to look like coral. The 2016 competition will feature a triptych frame that transforms from 2D to 3D.

In 2015 I crafted my first plushie. "Foxy" is a horror plushie that combines a standard teddy-bear design with melted silver plastic to imitate metal jaws, and light-up LED eyes.

I also program video games, a hobby I've enjoyed since 1986. My games include 2007's "Indingo's On-the-Fly"​, an inventive game that combines 2D and 3D perspectives in which the player controls two characters simultaneously in a memory-testing collection challenge. 2009's "Clusterduck" is an addictive Tetris-style stacking game. I write all the programing and storyboarding, and create all the animations and graphics for these games. Today I am two years into my latest game, "Bluette's Throwback Legend," a Zelda-style adventure game programmed in Ruby.

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The image that represents Waterville Maine's Small Business of the Year Awards until 2024

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  • September 2015

    Illustrated elements for an encyclopedia project.

  • June 2011

    Collaboration with former Playboy Playmate for 2011 Claiudiacon.

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